Cracking the Code to Increased Sales

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Get the tips and tricks, from a professional, that can help drive your sales to a higher level.

Insurance sales is not rocket science, but there is a combination of activities that when performed together can yield great results. Award-winning health insurance professional Dan Roberts has put together 6 tips for increased sales (

#1) Listen to the client. Successful salespeople always have a great and positive attitude. They make a sincere effort to help their clients, not just sell them. They listen to their clients’ needs and present solutions based upon that information. Ask the client what their reason was for buying from you or why they didn’t buy from you. Listen intently to the answer, as it will guide you in future efforts.

#2) Be consistent and keep things simple. So many agents are just after the big score and miss out on the smaller opportunities, which over time, add up to big numbers. It’s like a game of basketball. During any given game there will be some crowd-pleasing scores, like a 3-point shot. But, the consistent game-winning scores come from a series of simple lay up shots. An agent who stays consistent with the ‘sales lay-up’ will be ready when the 3-point scoring opportunity comes.

#3) Stand out in a crowd. Insurance is a highly competitive field, so it is important for an agent to differentiate himself from the pack. One way to accomplish this is to use language or gestures that let the client know that his needs are understood. Once the agent makes clear to the client that he identifies with the clients needs and concerns, the barrier is broken down and a dialogue can begin.

#4) Play the numbers game. After all this is sales and sales do not get made without appointments. While cold calling and “walking and talking” may not be fun, they are very necessary. It can take an average of up to 30 calls to schedule one appointment, so most successful people will schedule a minimum of 10 appointments per week.

#5) Set goals. Treat each day independent of the one before and set a goal for that day. Then set goals for that week, month and so on. Make sure the goals are realistic and attainable. It can be very easy to get discouraged when goals are not met due to unrealistic expectations.

#6) Ask for referrals. At all points and all stages in the sales process it is crucial to obtain referrals, even if a sale is not made. Without referrals an agent will only reach half of his potential. If the clients’ needs are being met then they are normally more than willing to give referrals.

While each of these tips is different, they have a common thread… discipline. Without discipline you will find yourself going through the motions and never fully mastering these concepts.

If you discipline yourself to have a positive attitude, keep things simple, differentiate yourself, make the calls, set realistic goals and ask for referrals you will crack the code and find yourself in the elite group of successful salespeople.

Dan Roberts is the VP Sales and Marketing for Insurance of America Agency, Inc. A marketing leader in the insurance industry, Dan has worked in operations and sales and marketing at some of the nation’s largest insurance marketing organizations. He is the recipient of over 85 industry awards including a coveted ‘Million Dollar’ gold ring from the agency’s founder. Insurance of America specializes in both operational and sales and marketing support for those individuals wishing to build their own successful insurance business or marketing organization.

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