The HarmonySystem™, a Bed-alternative that Helps Arthritis Sufferers Reduce Pain During Bed-sex, is Endorsed by Eminent Brown Univ. Medical School Arthritis Specialist.

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Stuart Schwartz,MD, Director of Rheumatology and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University School of Medical has evaluated and endorses the HarmonySystem, a novel chair designed for assisting people with various physical conditions who find sexual activity on a bed to be frustrating, uncomfortable – even painful, to enjoy sexual relations while standing or sitting thereby avoiding some of these difficulties. Other clinicians and customers endorse the HarmonySystem for other conditions which may cause bed-sex to be problematic.

A satisfying sex life is important for a healthy intimate relationship, which in turn is important for a healthy happy life. People with physical conditions such as arthritis, which may make lovemaking on a bed uncomfortable, painful or frustrating, want a satisfying sex life as much anyone. In fact they may be more in need in hopes that good sex may compensate for other relationship problems that may be a by-product of their conditions.

“Arthritis sufferers have limitations to their sexual activity due to pain, stiffness, decreased mobility and other physical challenges. This is particularly common when the spine, hips or knee are involved”, states Dr. Schwartz Dr. Stuart Schwartz, Director of Rheumatology and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University School of Medicine who evaluated the HarmonySystem™ a novel chair designed for assisting people with various physical conditions who find sexual activity on a bed to be problematic, to enjoy sexual relations while standing or sitting thereby avoiding some of these difficulties.

“The usual recommendations given to patients with arthritis who want to maintain intimate relations include planning their activities to correspond to the time of day they feel their best, timing of pain medications or muscle relaxants, using heat and stretching," he added. "Finding a comfortable position for sexual activity is important to alleviate stress on involved joints. In my evaluation of the HarmonySystem I found that it allows couples to position themselves in a way that can minimize pain and discomfort due to arthritis. There are many forms of arthritis, which affects millions of adults, so the HarmonySystem will be helpful for a large segment of the population”

Millions of American adults face back pain, arthritis, obesity, heartburn, overweight conditions or advanced pregnancy which can negatively impact their sexual activity on a bed. The U.S. government reports that nearly 70 million adults suffer from arthritis and other chronic joint problems. A survey by the North American Spine Society found that 80 percent of adults will suffer back pain at some point in their lives and that one in six suffers back pain everyday. WebMD reports that 5 to 15% of adults have severe heartburn and the CDE estimates over thirty million adults are obese.

The HarmonySystem is a bed-alternative designed to help intimate couples engage in sexual activity in a standing or sitting position. The seat cushion is contoured so that one partner can straddle it while standing or sitting facing the sitting partner. With pneumatics embedded in the two legs and another controlling the seatback, the couple can effortlessly adjust the height and the angle of the seat and seat back so they are best for them. The HarmonySystem is quickly disassembled and easily stored under most beds.     

Other clinicians have also evaluated the HarmonySystem for various limiting conditions.

“I anticipate that 20% to 40% of my patients with chronic lower back pain find it is negatively impacting their intimacy. The percentage for patients with back surgery and hip replacements may be 50%. I believe the HarmonySystem will benefit them and I recommend it to them.” -- Richard Dixon, Doctor of Chiropractics, Syracuse, NY

"The HarmonySystem is a Godsend for ailing and aging sexual enthusiasts when the spirit is willing but the flesh isn't." -- Louanne Cole Weston, PhD, Sex Advisor,

“Many people with reflux or hiatal hernias have problems when they are lying down, and therefore difficulty with intimate activities in a bed is surprisingly common. The variations of positions that the HarmonySystem can be placed make it possible for anyone with almost any physical problem enjoy being intimate again." -- Gerald Cassista, D.C., Cassista Chiropractic, Dracut, MA

Customers with limiting conditions that compromise their lovemaking on a bed have found the HarmonySystem™ of great benefit:

“The HarmonySystem has made a real difference for me, virtually as a matter of whether my husband and I could make love without my being in pain. I injured my back by carrying something too heavy for my structure and severely herniated a disc at L-5, S-1. When we tried to make love on the bed, we would have to stop because I could not find a position in which my back was not uncomfortable or painful. So we always move to the HarmonySystem. Because we could adjust it in so many ways, we found positions that worked for both of us.” --Ellie Frank., Lexington, MA

“The pain that I experienced making love, in the conventional missionary position on a bed, was starting to outweigh the pleasure. For years, I have been suffering from inflammation of the meniscus behind both knees, and regular sexual activity exacerbated this painful condition. Now, thanks to you and the HarmonySystem, all the pain is gone. Gone also is the terrible heartburn that I frequently experienced while making love on our bed. --J.Walker, McLean, VA.

About the Inventor:

Necessity being the mother of invention, the HarmonySystem was designed by Richard Harris a retired health care executive when he blew out a knee playing pick-up basketball. “The pressure from the mattress on my injured knee was very painful to me and frustrating to both my wife and me. Conventional furniture was too low, too high or uncomfortable for standing and there were no products available when I searched the web and other places. I decided to design a product and since there must be a lot of seniors like me with similar conditions, I decided to see if I could make a business out of it.”

About Compass Institute:

Compass Institute is the developer and marketer of the HarmonySystem (, a premium line of quality, differentiated and innovative products designed to assist all intimate couples improve their sexual satisfaction, but particularly individuals who have difficulty enjoying sexual relations in bed because of certain medical and physical conditions that create frustration, pain and/or discomfort. Such conditions include, but are not limited to, chronic low back pain, arthritic or injured joints, inflamed muscles, severe carpal tunnel syndrome, obesity, women in advanced pregnancy, those suffering from medical conditions such as gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), breathing difficulties and some erectile dysfunction (ED) conditions, as well as many aging baby boomers who find engaging in sex on a bed has become more and more challenging. Almost 1000 units have been sold.

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