A New Day Has Dawned for Inland Empire Home Buyers

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"One of the things I love is having the ability to help someone buy a home. When a client is in tears and hugs you so hard you can't breathe, it's a beautiful feeling." - Verbon Kelley, Real estate and mortgage broker

With real estate prices continually on the rise, home ownership may seem like an impossible dream for many California families. But mortgage and real estate professional Verbon Kelley says with a little bit of know-how and some guidance, acquiring property is within the reach of almost anyone.

"There's a statistic out there that says 83 percent of renters in California cannot afford to buy a home," said Verbon Kelley, a Real estate professional who has helped thousands of families acquire property. "That number is way too high and I've proved that ratio wrong many, many times. I'm familiar with a lot of techniques to help a person buy a home. There are so many ways to make it work."

Kelley. a real estate broker, began helping people buy homes in the Inland Empire in 1988. He worked as a manager for Household International Corporation (HIC). Over the years, he has become increasingly driven to educate others about how feasible it is to purchase real estate.

The motivation behind Kelley's passion came about in 1992 when HIC transferred him to Santa Barbara. He was renting an apartment there and longed to buy a home. But housing prices skyrocketed into the millions, and he knew his dream was out of the question. Eventually, he decided to move his family back to the Inland Empire, where property was more affordable.

"Santa Barbara had gotten ridiculously high and I was scrambling to find a house for clients under $600,000. I began looking at the entire state of California and it was clear the Inland Empire was the best place to be.

It's become one of the hottest markets in the U.S. and you can still find deals here."

In July of 2003, Kelley opened a real estate and mortgage company in Corona, California. Since then, Verbon and his staff have helped many first time buyers and real estate investors realize their residential dreams.

As an extension of his business, Kelley presents real estate workshops. His 90-minute seminar "Saving Strategies Your Mortgage Lender Would Prefer You Didn't Know" has become a standing-room-only event.

In the workshop, Verbon covers topics such as how to pay off your home quickly, buying a house with alternative financing and acquiring property through a lease-option agreement.

"I give people the tools to help them get from one place to the next," said Kelley.

Kelley works hard to impress upon customers that owning a home is much better than renting. He says there are many benefits to home ownership, including tax savings, a more stable housing expense, a better credit profile and the potential to earn thousands of dollars in equity.

For example, one technique Kelley teaches is equity sharing. This is where a portion of a property's equity is shared with another party, such as an investor. One party might live in the property and make the mortgage payments. The other party comes up with the down payment. On a pre-determined date, the property will be sold or refinanced and the equity is paid out to both parties.

"This method is sometimes used when parents are assisting their children in purchasing their first home," said Kelley. "Once they have built up capital and equity, their next home is usually easier to get."

Beyond helping customers purchase a home, Kelley also specializes in real estate investment. He has instructed hundreds of clients on how to make money by buying and selling property. Verbon also has written several articles on the subject and is currently producing a DVD that further expounds on the topic.

(C) Copyright 2005... Verbon Kelley is real estate broker and investor. He can be reached at (909)770-3467 or by email at VerbonKelley (at) yahooo (dot) com

By Luanne J. Hunt


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