Infectious Disease Specialist Suggests Sluggish Lymphatic System the "Missing Link" in Inflammation, Fibromyalgia and Exhaustion

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Dr. Irene Grant believes that the lymphatic system and its functions hold the keys that lead to both etiology and recovery for a myriad of ailments.

and hope to become one myself.

Experienced Internist, infectious disease specialist and Chinese medical expert Irene Grant, MD formed her understanding of lymphatic circulation through decades of inner city hospital work, training at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. After years of combining Eastern and Western medical systems, she is convinced the lymphatic system is key to recovery from many ailments.

Western Medicine has focused on improving arterial blood flow (oxygen delivery) and venouis blood flow (waste removal), without much emphasis on the lymphatic system, which holds a proportionally much larger volume of fluid. Its flow has been considered driven by muscular movement or breathing.

Dr. Grant believes the lymphatic system is more electronically controlled, which would explain acupuncture's renowned reproducible effects on edema, trauma, etc. She asks, "Why do we so readily accept the possibility of electricity, radiowaves, microwaves operating in our daily lives, but only regard the body as a hydrodynamic, mechanical, chemical sytem? The lymphatic system has no valves to assure its directional flow. It's functioning is still uncharted territory for most. 'Modern' medicine seems stuck in the era of hydrodynamics and chemistry. Scientists need to explore the physical chemistry and physics-based processes of the human organism."

"The Chinese proverb 'Pain is stagnation' is true on many levels," she explains. "Just think about rush hour traffic, being stuck in a job you hate or having that same old argument one more time. When things get stuck we feel irritated, saddened, angry and hurt. The same is true of the circulatory pathways of the human body."

A stagnant lymphatic system inhibits the body's natural ability to cleanse cellular, biochemical and toxic debris. This is akin to leaving the garbage in the house to accumulate. After a while it smells bad, feels bad, and increases chance of disease. Without exercise, deep breathing and nutritious food, people interrupt their natural ability to recover from sluggishness, injury and inflammation. The inflammation interferes with proper immune function. The injured, elderly, handicapped and bed bound are at a particular disadvantage because even ordinary activity is difficult or impossible.

Her method combines Western Medicine and science with Eastern approaches to improve lymphatic circulation. She utilizes modalities primarily based on the work of Jeffery Bland, Dr's Ed and Pat Kane, as well as Japanese Herbology, Kanpo. She also recommends Chinese Tai Chi, Qigong therapy, massage, infrared saunas and massaging dynamic air overlays designed specifically to promote lymphatic flow. Detoxifying, cleansing and promoting lymphatic circulation is the first step on the path back to optimum health. Exercise's secret is the maintenance of a healthily clean lymphatic system. Healthy arousal is not just a neurological/hormonal event, but a total body circulating energetic state towards regeneration.

She explains, "Changing the habits of stagnation does not have to be hard. A savvy consumer can now choose from an array of modalities than bring energy and vitality back to their body and mind."

Dr. Grant is committed to what she terms "Longevity Medicine"--putting a new face on aging, demonstrating how anyone can improve their situation, alleviate pain and increase resistance to tiredness, infection and stagnation. Her favorite approaches include Chinese healing arts, detoxification, functional medicine/medical nutrition and the reinvigoration of intellectual curiosity. A vibrant, charismatic, unique, independent, wise, emotionally strong, alive and witty "geri," or geriatric, is potentially the most beautiful stage in human achievement -- the aim for us all. A fully-lived "geri," vibrant in body, mind, soul and spirit, proud of where they've been, what they've done, and what they're doing next, has no competition from the externally beautiful youth.

"I've witnessed many inspiring 'role-models,'" she added, "and hope to become one myself."

For more information, please visit or call: Donna Brooks, 413-253-2110.

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