Who or What Spawned Hurricanes Katrina and Rita?

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Does Mother Nature hate us? Is she retaliating for our assaults on her environment? Author/pilot, Nina Anderson gives some reasons why storms are getting more severe and why our misuse of technology may be the trigger.

Does Mother Nature hate us? Is she retaliating for our assaults on her environment? Hurricanes are on the increase, not only in numbers but also in severity and as we saw in Florida in 2004 - in repetitive sequencing, and in this season's category 4 and 5 monsters.

There have been severe hurricanes in the past, but during recent years super-storms are spawning in vast numbers. Earthquakes, such as the one that triggered the Tsunami in the Pacific are increasing in numbers. Volcanoes continue to darken the skies and make air travel hazardous in many parts of the world. Are the doomsday prophets correct when they say the end is near?

In the book "Atlantis Today – The USA Poised for Destruction," author Nina Anderson, commercial pilot and environmental researcher contends that part of the violent weather is being caused by Earth's normal trajectory in the solar system. In the book she makes a comparison to the similar astronomical setting of our planet 10,000 years ago just prior to the Great Flood.

According to ancient Mayan writings in the year 2012 we will experience a winter solstice that coincides with a rare astronomical alignment that only happens once in 26,000 years. Our Sun will gradually bring its position into alignment with the very center of our Galaxy (the galactic equator). Our solar system is moving towards the central bulge along the galactic equator just below the Dark Rift, which we suspect is filled with dust and planetary debris. This transition across the equator began in 1998 and should exit the area on the other side of the Dark Rift in 2018 and is noted to cause magnetic pulls on the planet, which may spawn unstable weather.

Another factor is the inability of the atmosphere to lose heat to the upper regions of the atmosphere. Caused by greenhouse gasses keeping the warm air closer to the earth, the upper layers of air remain very cold. When this cold air is picked up by weather systems it can bring violent downdrafts, spawn large hailstones and more violent storms. In addition, our rampant use of wireless technology could be causing instability in the magnetospher, which surrounds the planet. We have saturated the air with so many frequencies that a pulsed-harmonic situation is unfolding.

In "Atlantis Today – The USA," Anderson suggests that the Planet is being tickled by all this energy and is convulsing. When a lightning bolt hits it can cause major damage to its target. That is pure electrical vibration. When the unseen electromagnetic frequencies are received by a target we get sound, pictures and vibrations. On the other hand, couldn't these frequencies trigger weather anomalies when absorbed by air and moisture particles?

"Atlantis Today – the USA" leads us to believe that technology has the ability to cause natural disasters. Nicola Tesla proved this in the last century with his earthquake machine. Just like we have discovered that the whales and dolphins can be killed just by our ability to use sonar beneath the ocean, why couldn't a military contingency target an enemy with a weather weapon?

Ionospheric heaters and many other wireless devices change the temperature of the air they are targeting. Violent weather is in part, a result of atmospheric heating coupled with a moisture source. If a column of air could be heated through artificial means over a moisture source, a storm could be triggered. Ionospheric heaters do in fact heat columns of air to improve wireless communication trajectories. Could they also be building storms by mistake?

Anderson contends that we should take responsible in part, for generating the severe weather and its sorrowful destruction. From the horrendous environmental assaults our planet is undergoing to the blindness of technocrats who forget ahead without examining the consequences. Add man's blundering to the cosmic scenario unfolding as our planet gets ever closer to the 2012 winter solstice and you have a mix that can only increase the violence in our weather for the near future.

"Atlantis Today – The USA Poised for Destruction" is published by Safe Goods and available at http://www.safegoodspub.com and http://www.amazon.com.


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