Sequoyah Note Appraisal & Investor Services Was Created to 'Match' Qualified Note Sellers with Quality Note Buyers and Then Coordinate the Sale Process

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Sequoyah Wilson, founder of Sequoyah Note Appraisal & Investor Services has a unique point of view regarding cash needs and the ability to solve them.

Many Americans today are facing all types of "cash flow" problems. The have a need and no idea how to to fulfill it causing sleepless nights and other forms of stress related anxiety. They don't want to dip into their family savings and their budget simply won't allow for a loan. One wonders, "Gee, aren't there any financial alternatives out there?"

For some there are! Thousands of people throughout the USA create new personal loans(cash flows) every day. Thousands more possess notes of all types, such as carry back notes and trust deeds from sales of previous homes, second mortgages, business notes, mobile home notes and land notes, to name a few. Other types of "cash flows" include structured settlements, annuities, lottery and game winnings or inheritance, all of which are valuable but can only be received over a period of time. Lots of folks are content to hold their notes and are financially stable enough to wait 10 to 15 years or more to collect the balance, at a time when the value of their money has dropped dramatically. However, some develop immediate cash needs, i.e. medical or dental bills, special school funding, etc. Others would simply prefer cash to reinvest elsewhere. Therse are the people who may benefit from alternative services and sales methods!

Time Value of Money

A factor involving the length of time it takes to collect all the payments of a future income cash flow. The more time passes, the less buying power the money has due to inflation and economic factors.

Oft times, people are not aware that they can sell their notes or future income streams for the cash they require today, but they can and they have options! They can:

(1) Totally liquidate their note or cash flow

(2) Sell a portion of their note payments or in-

     come and retain their note or cash flow

(3) Once a note is created, keep it for a full

     year and sell it for a higher profit.

More Information & Tips

Completion time for these sales is very reasonable, usually within 3 to 4 weeks after one begins the process, and sometimes sooner.

The qualifying process isn't difficult, but it requires solid answers. "About this" or "I think it was that" won't do. Your cash flow specialist will require correct answers to questions. Inaccurate answers can cost a note seller thousands of dollars or completely disqualify the sale of their note, not to mention the time delay for sending your specialist "back to the drawing board."

There are no quick answers to "What is the value of my note?" One cannot obtain this answer from one phone conversation. Notes and cash flows are as individual as the people who own them and must be treated as such. Prepare to spend a little time with your specialist.

Sequoyah Note Appraisal & Investor Services is n new Kansas based "matchmaking service" in part, matching qualified note and cash flow holders with cash-rich investors to secure the timely sales of such. Holders and investors need nothing more than an introduction to do business, lending a profitable possibility to the term "Lets get together!" They also provide assistance to other professionals such as attorneys and realtors in structuring sales of difficult properties by creating notes which can be liquidated at escrow closing or a later date, depending on the client's needs, and can be helpful to home buyers who may have difficulty qualifying. Keeping a note for one year adds to the Loan to Value Ratio, the measure of the security on a given loan, and the "seasoning factor" which puts more profit into the clients pocket and reduces the risk factor for the note buyer. They are pleased to provide a free note appraisal to those who have interest in their services!

For more information, contact:

Sequoyah Wilson


Sequoyah Note Appraisal & Investor Services

Phone: (316) 742-9948



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