Hurricane Rita had Her Eye Out for Houston, Causing Massive Evacuation, While Many Survived Without Water and Food

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In anticipation of Hurricane Rita, many panic stricken consumers had emptied grocers of staples (bottled water, bread, canned goods). Nevertheless, Envirowize Counter Top Water Filter System, nutritional products -- Vital StressX, Vital Bars and Vital Shakes shined as essential commodities during this unprecedented crisis. These products provided families with simple, yet high quality natural food sources. ditrSolutions provider of water filtering systems and comprehensive nutritional products for children and adults came to the rescue.

Although the storm hit on Friday (September 23, 2005), most of the bottled water and canned goods were depleted from every major store in the Houston area by early Wednesday. Many families, including mine, waited too late to secure bottled water and canned goods.

Although water is one of the most precious resources, it is taken for granted until deemed to be in short supply. The news media reported several senior citizens who dehydrated during the evacuation due to unavailability of water and endless traffic jams exceeding 24 hours. Many families remained sheltered in their homes to ride out the storm. The officials recommended that those who stayed behind should collect water in containers and bathtubs, which is not a fun job. However, if one must collect water, a simple procedure is desirable. Several people had purchased Envirowize Counter Top Water Filter Systems, which got the job done of water collection in a timely manner.

This water filtration system provided the best possible filtered drinking water in lieu of the bottled water shortage. Envirowize Counter Top Water Filter System has a convenient spout. Water can be dispensed easily and efficiently into most any type of container. Considering that the process of transferring tap water from pots or buckets into a bathtub can be cumbersome. In preparation for Hurricane Rita, not everyone could commandeer bottled water.

But nearly every household has tap water, although tap water has chlorine added which can prevent serious waterborne diseases. Chlorine can cause health issues. Researchers have recently discovered that drinking more than five glasses of chlorinated tap water per day could increase the risk of a miscarriage for those women in their first trimester (according to a study by the California Dept. of Health, March 1998). Since drinking water is always beneficial and essential, whether in an emergency or not. It is just common sense to provide quality water for the overall health of your family. Envirowize Counter Top Water Filter System can provide any household with clean water, which taste good and may stimulate a love for drinking water in your family. Many people reported an increase in water consumption after setting up a Envirowize Counter Top Water Filter System. Several youth stated that "water taste a lot better now." Of course, they returned to carbonated beverages after the hurricane crisis. But it is good to see a change in attitude relative to drinking water on a regular basis.

In a two days power outage, several people consumed nutritional bars, Vital Shakes (using filtered water instead of milk), Vital StressX and filtered water. With this exceptionally healthy diet, no extra weight gain was reported from those polled. Proper nourishment and proper water consumption was maintained.

A neighbor reported that after drinking Vital Shake, he was "energized to clean up the downed branches and debris" caused by hurricane Rita.

An adolescent reported that taking Vital StressX helped to "calm my fears" in wake of hurricane Rita.

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