History Itself, Not Just Science, Contains Clues to Evolution, Landon Claims in New Book

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As the evolution debate becomes increasingly politicized, both sides promote agendas that suppress the truth. In "World History and the Eonic Effect," John Landon argues that intensive historical study is essential to understanding non-random evolution.

The ongoing controversy about the beginning of human life is just an ideological skirmish in the culture wars. The public is being held hostage, not to sound theories but to rival propagandas. We need to cut through the hype to find the bottom line. John Landon's discovery of the Eonic Effect gives a glimpse of what evolution is really like. He outlines his theory in the new book, "World History and the Eonic Effect: Civilization, Darwinism and Theories of Evolution." The book is published by Xlibris.

Because theories of evolution are under attack, discussion is reduced to the promotion of myth instead of facts. Darwinists defend dogmatic versions of the theory that have been questioned since the first reviewers of Origin of Species. The result is a distorted view of human emergence.

Now the Intelligent Design movement has emerged, threatening the school system with an equally distorted theory. Their attempt to hijack the debate using long discredited arguments by design tends to make Darwinists close ranks around flawed science. The debate is deadlocked by the fixed agendas of both parties.

A new approach is needed. The study of history itself holds the clue: the Eonic Effect, the evidence of non-random evolution. We live in the first generations with enough historical data to detect a pattern of in universal history. This discovery shows us what is missing in current theories.

Intellectuals are rebelling against the claw hold Darwinian Theory holds over serious academic discussion. Some feel the theory is speculative inference and suffers from low evidence density.

"The Eonic Effect is the only data we have at correct evidence density of evolution as a process in real time, and provides the Rosetta stone of evolution," Landon said.

Reviewers have complimented the breadth of Landon's vision and the compelling originality of his prose. Drawing on history and employing both scientific and philosophical concepts, the book is daring and original intellectual tour de force.

Armed for the first time with real facts we can sort out confusion between biological and cultural evolution. Real evolution of man, according to Landon, is the Great Transition, the human passage from evolution to history. The Eonic Effect is the chronicle of a brand new, compelling theory of Origin of the Species


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World History

And The Eonic Effect

Civilization, Darwinism,

And Theories of Evolution

by John Landon

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