CTP Energy Science Explains Planet Earth’s Destructive Reactions

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Drazen Premate, originator of CTP Energy Science, has a revolutionary explanation for planet Earth's increased destructive reactions.

Drazen Premate, originator of CTP Energy Science, has a revolutionary explanation for planet Earth's increased destructive reactions.

According to CTP Energy Science, all matter or entity has C-energy Units (Units of Conscious Energy) behind them. The capacity of action or reaction by any entity relative to C-energy depends on the type and quantity of C-energy units it is made of. C-energy in its normal state is neutral or positive and not violent or negative.

The human spirit, or C-body, is made of very powerful C-energy units that can configure the C-energy (thought) into a narrow, focused, and complex C-energy pattern. On the other hand, a piece of rock has very basic C-energy Units behind it that can only think of being the rock.

Planet Earth is the largest conglomeration of C-energy Units around -trillions and trillions of them. C-energy Units of Earth are a basic kind, thus they cannot generate focused, and highly configured thought as humans can. However, Earth has large numbers relative to C-energy Units, so it can create very powerful reactions to unnatural imbalances in the C-energy it senses.

Humans are the largest source of most of the imbalanced C-energy and the cause of large-scale physical pollution and destruction of the Earth. Due to this unnatural and imbalanced cumulative C-energy, Earth reacts in the only way it knows how to via hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, hot weather, rains, floods, draughts.

Because mans' thoughts have become much more violent and negative, their thoughts have contributed to generations of negative C-energy that the Earth is reacting to. Less than one percent of humans are violent and yet their thoughts, states of mind and deeds are constantly being projected onto the other 99 percent via TV, news, movies and print media. The negative thoughts of the few become the thoughts of the many.

The media is constantly focused on negative events, wars, disasters and destruction as if there is no positive news to report, further adding to this constant creation of negative C-energy. Earth, due to its large number of C-energy Units, is reacting more and more to such unnatural negative thoughts with destructive C-energy of it own by creating many natural disasters in order to balance the negative C-energy man has created.

Man is the principal reason for most of Earth's destructive reactions because of the generated cumulative negative C-energy. Man must stop promoting, being subjected to and using so much negative and destructive thoughts the Earth will continue its negative reactions.

For more information or an interview with the discoverer of the new CTP Energy Science, Drazen Premate, please contact Gary Johnson or Colleen Blythe of CTP Energy Corporation at 407-275-9792 or visit http://www.ctpenergy.com

Dateline: September 24, 2005, Orlando, FL

Contact Name: Gary Johnson, CTP Energy Corporation & CTP Club

Contact Phone: 866-850-CTPC (2872) or 1-407-275-9792 (International)

Web Address: http://www.ctpenergy.com


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