A Whirlwind of Creative Solutions - How ThoughtOffice Inspires the Human Mind to Solve Big Problems Fast, for Less Than $99

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Creativity and Innovation. Ever have that foggy, swirling feeling as you struggle to solve a series of (seemingly) never-ending problems... or try to remain creative when the brainstorm has faded to more of a light brain-drizzle? ThoughtOffice helps clear the roadblocks by providing a torrential downpour of over 9,000,000 dynamic phrases and unlimited inspiring images to storm through your creative blocks.

When the creative well runs dry, thought leaders gain inspiration through a new software application that uses "Associative Thinking" and a new form of linear Mind mapping process to create a whirlwind of new ideas. Tapping a database of unlimited images, 9,523,680 colloquialisms and phrases and over 13,700 questions, the program, ThoughtOffice Business Brainstorming Software taps fast-growing web-based indexes to provide real-time inspiration and problem solving solutions.

"In the so-called 'creativity field', associative thinking, or the process of following a word to another associated word, image, phrase or thought, and building on those threads of ideas is considered the seed of the creative process" says Mark Alan Effinger, Founder of the ThoughtOffice program and associated technology. "What we've created in ThoughtOffice is a tool that not only energizes the creative process, but also puts it into a linear presentation, so handing off the idea, and every important element that it took to create that idea, can be handed to someone to execute. So we've brought together creativity with productivity, in hopes that more inspired ideas actually take flight as products, services and life-enhancing solutions".

The heart of the ThoughtOffice program is the Brainstorming Session, which is a document the user creates, brands, and applies a copyright to in advance of beginning to get creative. The simple process takes less than 30 seconds to do, but is a key in capturing the creative process in a presentable form.

Once a Session is created, the ThoughtOffice Association Engine provides the words, phrases, definitions, word associations, hypernyms, keywords and images to fill in the brainstorming Session. The user starts with a word, phrase or question, and then allows the program to find associations near and far. So the word "boat" may lead to "dinghy" which may inspire the show Laugh-In. As the Session begins to form images can be added, further enhancing the creative process. With a database of unlimited keyword-indexed photos , the Session becomes very detailed, but never slows down or gets cumbersome. In the end, a Session may perfectly describe, including images, screen shots, drawings or photos, of how an idea formed and might be executed, including each branch of the idea.

"I can't think of a faster way to develop fresh ideas, whether for a novelist looking for new plots and actors, or a scientist looking to create a breakthrough in DNA modeling" comments Eric Kinney, President and COO. "We use it internally every day to help develop better content, blog writing and develop new programs. The program taps your brain for associations you might not even have remembered had it not been jogged by the program. So it is really a "Catalytic Converter", becoming the seed of inspiration that allows your mind to derive more innovative solutions."

At a starting price of only $97, the program comes with two Expert Topic Plugin Modules, which are professionally-developed banks of questions that open the mind to new ways of thinking, and ask relevant queries in a variety of subjects, from Marketing to Expanded Thinking. Modules are affordably priced at only $49.

About ThoughtOffice
ThoughtRod.com is the strategic development channel for ThoughtOffice programs. The company was founded in 2004 by a former Inc. 500 company executive and nine-time serial entrepreneur, Mark Alan Effinger. ThoughtOffice leverages Internet and software applications into "Rich Content", the valuable output of ideas and "individual intellect" turned into useful products and services. ThoughtOffice is the result of years of research into the creative process. The company can be reached on the web at http://www.ThoughtRod.com, or by calling 360-450-6888.

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