Rockets Away! Website Goes Live - Media Company Offers Free Publicity And Low-Cost Promotional Services To Emerging Commercial Space Companies

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Rockets Away! Media is a new company dedicated to popularizing space exploration. Come visit our new website and explore exclusive interviews and our free online magazine.

Rockets Away! Media is a new company dedicated to popularizing space exploration. Come visit our new website and explore exclusive interviews and our free online magazine.

"Make no mistake about it," says Bill McCoy, CEO of New Galaxy Enterprises (NGE), “Rockets Away! Media, a division of NGE, was designed to promote commercial space companies. Deep down inside we are all space enthusiasts, absolutely blown away by this new industry. The new website is built to service people like us, not just technical people, but everyone who is passionate about space. I'm as excited about our site launch as I was about SpaceShipOne's first touch down from sub-orbital space last June."

“At the very beginning,” says Bill Krohn, the Creative Director of the Film Division for NGE, “we're going to let everyone register for free. Right now, you can go to and hear fabulous interviews with Brian Feeney of the Golden Space Program (powered by the DaVinci project) and Michael Laine of the Liftport Group. People can also hear our popular interview with Jim Benson, founder/CEO of SpaceDev, which built the hybrid rocket for SpaceShipOne and the pioneer test pilot, Dick Rutan, among many others.”

Will it all always be free to the public? “Only for the moment,” says Johnny Blue Star, Project Manager for NGE. “But, although we'll always allow everyone to hear the live broadcasts and recent newsletters, there'll be a point when the large cost of assembling all this fabulous stuff - the audio, the video, the in-depth interviews and technology reports, often garnered on-site - will be saved for our most devoted members. Premier memberships will be set at a very low price, though. Those people will have access to a lot of beautiful stuff. Right now, everyone can register for free and get a peek at our growing library of audio, video and articles.”

“Yes, I am helping develop a serious intern program,” says Richard Kirkpatrick, a freshman at Mississippi State University's Aerospace Engineering Department at MSU and who will also be moderating the forum. “We're creating a very large database for students, faculty, researchers, investors, the media - and other scholars of this industry. A lot of space junkies, too,” he laughs. “We've got a great calendar of events, too, and I guarantee my forum will be very exciting. I'm sure there'll be a lot of seasoned pros from the industry, but also a bunch of young people like myself, all fired up about space.” Rockets Away! Media launched its eZine nine months ago. It was developed by Dave Gieber and Johnny Blue Star. Dave Gieber, Technical Advisor for the project, is a retired aerospace engineer, and Johnny Blue Star is a screenwriter, talk-show host and producer. “Bill McCoy discovered their work on the Internet,” offers Greg Trotti, President of NGE and Director of Broadcasting Services. “We had talked a lot about the industry and had actually invested a tiny bit in several space companies. We realized that Johnny and Dave were red hot about driving money into the private space sector - not as investors, per se, but because they wanted to see the industry grow. They had been absorbed by the idea of space travel since childhood. When we talked to them, they sensed kindred spirits and invited us to join.”

“I couldn't have found a more inspiring individual as Johnny to start this project with,” says Dave Gieber. “We started with a mutual labor of passion as Johnny presented his ideas to me. Although, because of the time consumption of my other projects, I have had to take a back seat to the day to day operations of Rockets Away! I will be watching from the wings and offering my technical assistance as this tremendously exciting project unfurls. It is in some of the most capable hands that I know of.”

“At one point, Johnny, who I've known since my college days at Yale, wanted to create a broad foundation for the company in the area of television, radio and film,” says Bill Krohn. “We'd worked together on various properties - particularly the recently deceased Paul Winchell's autobiography, WINCH, that Johnny and Paul developed into a screenplay. Also, there's a major script, the ASHES OF TESALON that Johnny created, reinvigorating his Paul Winchell's franchise - something on the level of a Star Wars or Back to the Future. By working on these projects and others, I knew Johnny had the goods, the imagination and business sense to pull very large things off, so I joined. Right now, we'll be covering the first X PRIZE CUP event in Las Cruces, New Mexico. There may be a complete documentary in it. In the past, I produced 'It's All True,' which was based on Orson Welles' unfinished film that was quashed by RKO during World War II. Also, I directed footage chronicling the 50th anniversary of Roswell for a future doc.”

“People are going to be amazed at the power of the film and television inventory Johnny is putting together. We plan on something very big about private space,” Bill McCoy winks, “but I can't talk about it yet. But today, we're focusing on the website.”

How will they make money if they don't charge for the website and promote all these space companies for free? “We're offering inexpensive, optional advertising and PR services also,” says Blue Star. “Commercial space companies can get a banner linking to their website in the eZine and website. We'll help them develop professional press releases, help them with advertising and design their websites. Overall, we'll make them visible, something scientists and engineers don't often think about when they start a commercial enterprise. They soon learn, though.”

For a free subscription to Rockets Away! - the eZine devoted to commercial space travel or to hear the archived broadcasts, go to, the new, full-blown website. For additional advertising, subscription or other media interests, including radio, television or newspaper inquiries, call Johnny Blue Star at 760-323-0193.

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