Change the World from the Eye of the Storm

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There is a raging storm in the world that makes Katrina look like a Sunday walk in the park. It takes the name of unhappiness, suppression, flagrantly unethical behavior, corruption, violence, terrorism, selfishness and the general attitude that what is all right is whatever you can get away with and the other person doesnÂ?t count for muchÂ?unless he can hurt you.

Many noble souls throughout the world would like to change all that. But they don’t believe it can be done. And if they were to believe it could be done, they wouldn’t know how to go about doing it.

There is yet another group of noble souls—strategically scattered throughout various parts of the world—that believes it can change all that—and what’s more—it knows exactly how to do it. Working like beavers—or ants—with little fanfare—but with much glory—they are going about the business of doing it—changing the world.

One of these groups is doing it—from the eye of the storm.

Where is the eye of the storm?

Why, ask the nearest terrorists—ask anybody—and they’ll tell you.

It is—THE BIG APPLE. And where is the center of the storm’s eye?

This any New Yorker will tell you. It is—Harlem.

“I relocated from Florida to be on staff in Harlem. I think I can make a positive contribution.” F.T.

“I’m here to make individuals from all walks of life more able to achieve all the best life have to offer and more.” T.S. Relocated from Baltimore, MD.

HELP change sorrow and unhappiness into joy and happiness. HELP change wishes into action; little ability into a whole lot of ability. HELP bring ethics, peace, benevolence, cheer, friendliness, industriousness and consideration for one’s fellow being to the community.

The Marines are looking for a few good men. We are looking for a lot more – we’re looking for a few good souls. It takes nothing less for what we’re accomplishing. Not merely to change individuals, neighborhoods, towns, or continents; it is to change the universe.

We have the exact tools to "do it".

This is your chance, join us.

Come on over, write, phone, or E-mail:

Harlem on a Misson

2250 3rd Avenue (btwn E 122nd & E 123rd)

New York, NY 10035



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