Credit Report Scores - Why It Is More Important for Minority Consumers to Ensure Higher Scores

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Aba Online Credit ( discusses credit report scores with such clarity that consumers can't help but feel empowered by the information from the site.

While consumers are being constantly bombarded with solicitations of credit cards on our airwaves these days, nobody seems to be explaining the impact of credit on our financial lives. Many consumers do not appreciate or even understand the impact of credit report scores on their lives.

Obtaining credit costs money. How much your loan will cost you depends on the interest rate that you are prepared to pay on the loan. This is what differentiates the average "Joe" from a millionaire when they both apply for the extension of credit from the bank. The millionaire almost certainly has tangible collateral and presents less risk to the bank. With good credit on top of that our millionaire friend gets very low interest rates on money he borrows. Joe, on the other hand, probably has nothing to use as tangible collateral, and so in the eyes of the bank Joe's only collateral is his credit report and fico score. He is therefore more of a credit risk than the millionaire, and this is even more so if Joe's credit score is low. In terms of risk, consumers must therefore have a deeper appreciation of the impact of credit report scores on their financial lives. Banks don't like giving out loans to people with low credit report scores, and even if they do, they usually charge huge interests for such loans. You are a big risk and don't have any collateral, remember?

With this knowledge, why wouldn't the average consumer try to improve upon his credit score profile? Any tiny piece of negative information on your credit report can ruin your credit report score or fico score. Ignorance can be very costly indeed. Obtaining your credit reports, fixing errors, and improving upon your fico or credit score should be brought up higher on our priority lists, especially for those of us who need to rely on the extension of credit from banks to make important acquisitions like a home or a car.

This is especially important for minorities. How many times have we not heard about complaints in which consumers have felt discriminated against because of denial of credit? Without attempting to pretend to have knowledge of the details of these complaints, I am willing, however, to hazard a guess that, perhaps, the underlying causes of some of these denials stem from low credit report scores. Consumers have simply not given their credit profiles the needed attention that is required.

Without making any assumptions about the financial sophistication level of its visitors, Aba Online Credit presents information on credit report scores in very simple language so that it is not burdensome to the average consumer to understand. Please visit the website for more consumer credit information.


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