The Naked Truth of Weight Loss -- The Lies and Fads are Stripped Bare

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Master Motivator Julia Havey strips off the lies in the weight loss industry and tells the naked truth. "The diet industry is filled with lies and liars. Don't put your health in the hands of fad peddlers."

LiL' Kim's new album is called The Naked Truth, funny, isn't she in prison for not telling the truth?

Honesty is something that is in short supply in the weight loss industry. Claims like "Lose 18 pounds in one month" or "Eat all the foods you love and still Lose weight" or even "the one week miracle body makeover transformation drop 2 sizes diet" are everywhere.

Dieters spend 45 billion dollars a year snapping up false promises and having their hopes shrink instead of their thighs.

"It's crazy! When is a brave District Attorney going to press charges against a diet book author, take them to court and send them to prison for lyingto the American public? Where is the FTC? Fad Diet peddlers lie to millions of consumers everyday and if that isn't fraud, I don't know what is!" says diet guru Julia Havey

Julia knows how costly the lies can be. After spending 12 years in a morbidly obese body and throwing good money after bad on failed diet attempts she was resigned to a life of FAT at 290 pounds. This is her now, wearing her old jeans--ones that were tight just 10 years ago:

Clearly, she shed the lies and stripped the pounds--130 of them; not be using pills, fads or potions but rather by discovering the truth.

Julia says: "It takes more than a few 'minutes in the morning' of exercise to get fit, you can't eat 'all of the foods you love you love to eat' and expect to lose and keep weight off and we aren't 'food combinging-restricted eating plan' deficient, rather we are have a few bad habits or "vices" that need busting. Our lifestyles are what must change change --permanently if we ever expect to end the Obesity epidemic in our nation -- and that is the Naked Truth."

Julia helps millions of people to bust their vices and motivates them to transform their current lifestyles which support their excess weight to lifestyles which promote health and fitness. Honest, effective and non-fad filled help that is long overdue in a market filled with snake oil and fast talking salesmen.

"Next time someone tells you that you can lose 18 pounds in one month; ask them if they did it and if the weight stayed off?! The next time someone tells you that only have to workout a few minutes a day, ask them how long they workout a day to look like they do. And finally, if someone tells you that you can eat the foods you love and still lose weight, ask them if that is the case, why you obese?--after all, you have NO problem eating the foods you love! If you want the truth and nothing but the truth, I recommend checking out my LifeChanger-The Vice Busting Diet and the eating plans available at will offer you sound nutrition, essential support and 2 pounds a week of real and safe weight loss."

Julia Havey can be found telling the truth and motivating the nation at Tired of lies--try the truth on for size.


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