Graduate Business Professor Practices What He Preaches

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Professor of entrepreneurship and serial entrepreneur combines real world business principles with academic curriculum to give students actionable strategies for new venture creation.

Graduate Business Professor Avid Amiri has grown his business from one employee to sixteen since January of 2005 utilizing some of the same strategies taught in his classroom. Amiri, recently featured in Utah Business Magazine, co- founded the firm Analitica Partners,, whose growth coupled with its high margins puts it in the category of one of the fastest growing companies in Utah.

“My goal is to provide each student with clear and specific business strategies that are immediately actionable, even for those with very little access to capital” Amiri states.

Amiri focuses on grassroots entrepreneurial strategies, where the primary assets students can leverage in new venture creation are their entrepreneurial fervor and intellectual strength. As he notes “I think that it is a widespread misconception that one requires strong networking or substantial financing to start a business. In a situation where money and contacts may be absent, it is just more essential that entrepreneurs assess their entry markets more carefully. The goal should be to identify market spaces where there are fewer monetary barriers to entry and formidable strategic and intellectual barriers to entry. This may often employ a niche orientation.” Amiri, a first generation immigrant and serial entrepreneur, has developed a unique approach to the development of his companies e-commerce firms which are built upon strong niche platforms utilizing proprietary in house techniques.

“The goal at our firm is to incubate strong companies, many of these e-commerce firms become industry leaders soon after they are acquired from us. This first company sold was based in the toddler market and has since enjoyed very strong growth under its new owner.”

The market for these businesses has been hyper liquid and the biggest challenge for the company has been to keep up with the demand for its platforms from private investors. “Each business is sold not only with strong merchandising and infrastructure, but also with cash flows and revenues that have the potential to seriously increase with the dedication of a full time manager.”

What Amiri identified was that many companies that were sold to private investors lacked the infrastructure and support for the new owners, “We are in the business of selling businesses,” Amiri notes. “The typical buyer is looking for a turn key business with substantial upside potential and limited downside risk. We sell organizations that hold largely non-harvested assets and for us our track record and brand is strongly valued.” The companies have been so successful that now Amiri receives over 40 or 50 inquiries from buyers on business platform listed.

"While each of our companies represents a best in class platform, what makes us truly unique is that we have offer a comprehensive consulting package that comes with each company. We outline very clear and specific strategic for our the new owners, so that if they follow these closely, they will be in a position to watch their businesses enhance their equity value."

Avid Amiri holds a MBA from Cornell University and has started over seventeen business. He is a self-made millionaire and the managing director of the firm Analitica Partners,

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