Learn the Secrets of World War II Unarmed Combat with the Lightning Ju-Jitsu Street Survival System

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The Lightning Ju-Jitsu Street Survival System reveals the old school secrets of winning hand to hand combat. Both Lightning Ju-Jitsu and Jiu-Jitsu Health Secrets show how your bare hands can solve just about every self defense problem. The USMC Combat Jiu-Jitsu Manual ups the ante to include the deadliest knife and stick techniques of the past sixty five years.

The Lightning Ju-Jitsu Street Survival System is a treasury of three rare manuals first published before the end of World War II. All three manuals highlight the realistic approach taken when you really need to fight for your life. These timeless secrets of World War II heroes give average people living today all the tools they need for surviving a violent street encounter.

The first manual, Lightning Ju-Jitsu, teaches the fighting techniques American troops and civilians used to protect themselves overseas and at home during World War II. Lightning Ju-Jitsu is notable for showing the entire gamut of violence, starting with discouragement tactics and ending with deadly force. These fighting moves are demonstrated by men in business suits, uniformed police and soldiers, and even women in house dresses. The emphasis is on the real and the practical.

The second manual, Jiu-Jitsu Health Secrets, was written by President Teddy Roosevelt’s personal jiu-jitsu instructor. Jiu-Jitsu Health Secrets details the amazing health benefits found in jiu-jitsu training as well as illustrating many self defense techniques. Being able to combine self defense training with health benefits is a real time saver in today’s harried world.

The third and final manual, the USMC Combat Jiu-Jitsu Manual, is a full intensive course in the hand-to-hand combat techniques the US Marines used to win World War II in the Pacific. The USMC Combat Jiu-Jitsu Manual has astounding techniques using empty hands. Punches, kicks, throws and chokes are used to win when the Marines fight for real. To up the ante, simple World War II weapons such as knives and sticks can also be used to great effect.

The combat secrets of World War II are still valid in today’s world. World War II was known as THE BIG ONE, an incredibly violent war with millions of casualties on all sides. US troops were taught to survive the worst that the enemy could throw at them, using only the most reliable and easiest to learn techniques, the ones already proven in combat, The battlefields of World War II, much like the streets of today, are no place for theories or experiments.

The author of the USMC Combat Jiu-Jitsu Manual described the challenge to his readers. “America’s problem today is to match and surpass the toughness of our enemies-and this can be done only through a thorough and far reaching program. . .every able man should give himself the training that [gives] the ability to defend one’s self in physical combat.” Average Americans today, men, women, and children, need this training to feel more confident when traveling at home and abroad.

The Lightning Ju-Jitsu Street Survival System is a virtual encyclopedia of self defense and unarmed combat during World War II. For additional information on the Lightning Ju-Jitsu Street Survival System contact K. Valenzuela or visit http://www.combatclassics.com. All major credit cards are accepted and the Lightning Ju-Jitsu Street Survival System orders are sent by priority shipping. And, even though best known for its Internet sales, Combatclassics.com still accepts orders sent by traditional postal services (SnailMail) just like the Troops used during World War II.


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