Ventura Investments Announces a Service for Online Daters to Run Background Checks on Their Dates to Insure They Know the Whole Truth About Them

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Ventura Investments LLC announces the launch of a web based service that allows online daters to run detailed, in depth background checks on their dates online

Ventura Investments LLC announces the launch of a web based service that allows online daters to run detailed, in depth background checks on their dates online to insure they know the whole truth about their prospective partner.

“Online dating is a great technology and has brought thousands of people love and great joy, but it has also brought many heartache, pain, financial ruin and even violence, our goal is to assist in eliminating those problems” says Joe Venturelli President of Ventura Investments.

We created to prevent all kinds of problems, Sue Shellenberger of the New York Times wrote recently that men are more frequently looking for women who make more than they to so that they can “just quit their jobs and hang out”

Sue notes that now women are landing a majority of high paying jobs, they're experiencing what used to be a male-only phenomenon: gold-digging guys!

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El Paso, TX, August 21, 2005 - Loretta Thompson recently started checking out the Internet dating sites when she was reviewing some profiles of guys in her area, she found this great looking guy and he lived close by, she threw caution to the wind and decided to make contact through the system. The next day they got together in an online chat room.

From there they started emailing each other and he introduced himself as Ronald Slaton, Ron told Loretta he worked for a multi-billion-dollar corporation and after a few days of exchanging emails, Ron convinced Loretta to go out on a date.

Loretta had not been doing online dating often but she knew that at best she should be cautiously optimistic. Loretta met Ron the next day at a local coffee house, she seemed to really enjoy her time with Ron, and they had a great conversation about mutual interests, his job and such. He seemed charming enough and at some point in the conversation he gave Loretta his business card.

Loretta felt a little bad for not being as forthcoming as she wanted to be during the conversation but she figured it was better to be safe than sorry, and if this was going anywhere there would be plenty of time to get more familiar with Ron.

The hour grows late and Loretta says she has to get going as she has an early day tomorrow, Ron offers to drive her home, but still with her guard up she declined his offer and grabs a taxi.

Loretta, forever the pessimist decides to go online and run a background check on Ron.

The report provides details of Ron's address, prior addresses, relatives, neighbors, phone numbers, criminal records, bankruptcies, judgments, folks who lived in his household, etc.

Ron's record looked clean enough just one speeding ticket, but who doesn't have one of those? All the details seemed to match with everything he had mentioned on their date and Loretta seemed relieved and figured the cost of the report was money well spent. Perhaps now she could let down her guard a little and try being more open with Ron.

She wondered had she come across a little too cold and callous to Ron during their first date? Maybe she had scared him off?

Loretta, deciding to be a bit bold and called Ron the next morning so that they could plan a second date.

She grabbed Ron's business card from her purse and was just about to call him, when she saw the number on the card was different than the one on the background check she had run. "Maybe it's a private unlisted number" she thought. Just to be sure she put the card down on the kitchen table and grabbed the printout from with Ron's background report. She dialed the phone number on the printout and Ron answered the phone, Loretta almost giggled aloud at her own suspicious nature. She then told Ron she enjoyed their conversation over coffee yesterday night and invited him over, but for some reason Ron sounded strange, almost distant.

Come to think of it, the voice didn't even sound like Ron, she was talking to someone else!

He told Loretta he did not know her nor did he have coffee with anyone yesterday as he had just returned from London two hours earlier. Loretta was silent, almost dazed for a moment, then she blurted out the name of the company Ron had claimed he worked for, "Don't you work for them?" To which the man on the phone replied. "Yes I'm Ron Slaton and I do work there but I am sorry I don't know you and we have never met. I am sorry. At which point the man hung up.

Loretta sat stunned for almost a minute. The guy who was about to sweep her off her feet was not who he said he was and was using someone else's identity and she was minutes away from inviting him over to her home!

Loretta was forced to call back Ron Slaton (the real Ron Slaton) and alerted him to the fact this man had stolen his identity. The real Ron Slaton then called the police and after a series of calls between Ron, Loretta and the police they laid a trap for the imposter whose real name was David Lindsey the sweet-talking 'lady-charmer' who was wanted in connection with two unsolved rapes, a burglary and illegal possession of a firearm!

Loretta's quick thinking surely saved her from becoming this mans next victim, and probably also saved many other women from a similar fate.

Now of course this is a fictional scenario, but it doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to realize this can happen every single day!

Try the next time you want to know the real truth about the person you are about to step out with. “Check Them Out Before You Step Out”


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