Vocal Code Research Produces Outcomes Considered Improbable by Current Medical Standards

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A system of numeric Vocal Codes that accurately reflect the biochemical expressions and structural integrity of the body has been discovered within the frequency architecture of the human voice.

A system of numeric Vocal Codes that accurately reflect the biochemical expressions and structural integrity of the body has been discovered within the frequency architecture of the human voice by Sound Health, a small research facility located in Southern Ohio. Logically the establishment of a reliable model of BioAcoustic Biology, based on the mathematical patterns of the voice, will follow as this emerging science become more viable.

Using a computerized profile of the voice, Vocal Codes have been used to create individual frequency-based protocols that appear to have resulted in outcomes that are improbable using contemporary medical standards. One such example is Russ Rudy, a physician who had a presumed diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). His lower body was numb; his nerves deteriorating; his gait unstable; his stamina fragile. After novel vocal based sounds were ambiently presented, an Electromyleogram (EMG) nerve conduction evaluation revealed that the nerves of the hips, thighs and lower legs had significantly improved. Dr. Rudy states, "I had regressed to the point that I was using a motorized scooter to try to practice medicine. After using BioAcoustic techniques, my EMG showed that the nerves in my quadriceps had completely regenerated. When I first started BioAcoustic sound presentation, I was very weak; my stamina and tolerance for exercise was very low. I could lift 10 lbs when attempting knee extensions. I can now lift 115 lbs and I continue to show improvement. I’m stronger and less tired."    

Rudy’s miracle of non-medicine was accomplished after the Cleveland Clinic and several research hospitals had given him no hope for recovery. Dr. Rudy, and those who work closely with him, perceives his progress as nearly impossible to comprehend within the current medical paradigm but the results cannot be denied. The seemingly impossible feat of large-scale nerve regeneration has been repeated with other research subjects including the restoration of hearing loss due to nerve damage that occurred eighteen years earlier.

Continuing BioAcoustic Biology based research is being conducted by Sharry Edwards, MEd, the pioneer of this promising technique. "In the beginning the progress was slow but as the pieces began to fall into place, the process became more sophisticated, computer-based and obvious. It was like putting together a large puzzle. The more pieces you put in place the more quickly you can work the rest of the puzzle," explains Edwards.

Numeric codes found in the voice, which follow predictable matrix-like patterns, have been used for experimental purposes in an attempt to emulate the body’s own self healing potential. Supposedly incurable degenerative diseases such as Macular Degeneration have been reversed. Back pain, something experienced by 60% of adults, is being eliminated. Using the mathematical matrix found within the Vocal Codes, the system can often decipher why a person develops such stressors as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, celiac disease, allergies, autism, metabolic and immune deficiencies. Edwards states that the growing list of issues she and her team have dealt with is getting longer by the day, and slowly but surely overshadowing the list of issues they have not yet attempted.

This seminal work is just now getting the attention of Ohio's government supported research agencies. Omeris, a non-profit organization designed to build and accelerate bioscience industry, research and education in Ohio, has recognized that Sound Health, "has brought a revolutionary idea to the forefront of the Bioscience Community." Omeris officials believe that the research being done by Sound Health could become a vital part of Ohio's bioscience economy.

Larry Trivieri, author of several books relating to the subjects of health and alternative medicine, believes Edwards to be a truly inspired health innovator. In his newest publication, Health on the Edge, Trivieri devoted an entire chapter to Human BioAcoustics in an attempt to introduce the public to the groundbreaking concepts of Vocal Profiling. Trivieri writes, "In my long career as a lay investigator of, and writer about, cutting edge healing methods, I've had the great fortune to meet literally hundreds of truly exceptional healers and visionaries. In Sharry, we have someone who is both, and the work that she is doing in the field of sound therapy is to me among the most important breakthroughs in the entire field of healing, both conventional and holistic."

The research being conducted by the Sound Health Research Institute is not widely known because of Edwards' reluctance to publish the developing protocols except among trusted colleagues. "Most of the people who are referred to us by the medical profession are those patients who have 'unknown' disease processes. This is a work in process. As we find partners willing to work with us, we are discovering that the body has the ability to diagnose and prescribe for itself through the voice. In many cases the numeric links explaining how issues such as aging, immune deficiencies and mitochondrial disorders have evolved are beyond what is currently being published in the medical literature," states Edwards.

"Sharry gets nervous when I refer to her as 'the doctor's doctor'," states Roman Chrucky, a practicing physician from Pennsylvania. "We don’t want to share her with the world but we know it is only a matter of time until there are swarms of people demanding to have her take their voice print and learn what she does," he laments.

Ralph Fucetola, JD, a health system legal specialist, maintains that Edwards' research is "the most profound research I've ever seen. It is so profound that most people simply won't be able to fully comprehend it. The use of Vocal Codes has been shown to be efficacious against pathogenic invasions. It is highly likely that the predicted pandemic plague could be seriously curtailed using this system. Even resistant and mutating pathogens could be quickly identified and contained."

Even though Vocal Codes have the ability to individually calculate what will happen and what is happening for any individual in terms of the frequency relationships of health and wellness, Edwards is often quick to add that what has been accomplished so far is rudimentary compared to the potential it holds for the advancement of medicine.


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