Dream Enhancement Now a Reality -- New Pill Promotes Dream Recall and Makes Dreams More Vivid

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Brilliant Dreams launches dream enhancing supplement that improves dream recall, enhances dream vividness, and encourages lucid dreaming.

Safe, effective dream enhancement is finally a reality. Brilliant Dreams (http://www.brilliantdreams.com) is pleased to announce the launch of Brilliant Dreams Dream Enhancement, a new supplement that heightens dream experiences, enhances dream vividness and improves dream recall.

Three thousand years ago, in Homer's epic poem Odyssey, the gods gave Ulysses an herb that restored memory to his crew and made him immune to the forgetfulness poisons of the witch Circe. In 2001, the FDA approved a drug based on that very same herb to treat memory loss and having the remarkable effect of enhancing dream vividness. Now, Brilliant Dreams is pleased to bring to market this dream boosting herbal extract as a supplement to enhance dream vividness and improve dream recall.

During a typical lifetime, we spend over six years dreaming. Unfortunately, most people have difficulty remembering or quickly forget their dreams when they awake. This can be especially frustrating when we strongly sense we experienced interesting, emotional or even enlightening dreams and can almost, but not quite, remember them. Many people also actively seek to improve dream recall and vividness for several reasons, including, for dream interpretation, to find creativity in dreams, to intensify erotic dreams, to achieve lucid dreaming or simply for nightly entertainment.

Based on a FDA approved, memory beneficial phytonutrient with a three thousand year old medicinal history, Brilliant Dreams helps individuals remember their dreams, It achieves this by improving memory associated with dream recall, enhancing dream vividness (more vivid dreams are easier to remember) and promoting REM sleep (more of the sleep cycle is spent dreaming). More vivid and memorable dreams can also encourage lucid dreaming since lucidity is more easily achieved in heightened dream states.

Brilliant Dreams is available on the Brilliant Dreams website at http://www.brilliantdreams.com. By signing up for the convenient, bi-monthly Brilliant Dreamer Program, individuals can save over 12% on their very first order.

Who was the mythical god that gave Ulysses this memory beneficial, dream enhancing herb? Mercury (Hermes), also known as the Bringer of Dreams.

For additional information, please visit http://www.brilliantdreams.com. Affiliate and retailer inquiries are welcome. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Brilliant Dreams, Brilliant Dreamer and Brilliant Dreams Dream Enhancement are trademarks of Brilliant Brands LLC.

About Brilliant Dreams:
Brilliant Dreams produces and markets dream enhancement and sleep beneficial products. Our flagship product is Brilliant Dreams Dream Enhancement, a supplement based on a FDA approved phytonutrient that enhances dream vividness, promotes REM sleep, encourages lucid dreaming and improves dream recall. More information can be found at http://www.brilliantdreams.com.

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