How the Brake Becomes the Villain to Big Oil Companies

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Shortcut ways to end gas money worries without cutting back your driving and no matter how high gas prices climb.

Did you know the solution to your gas money headaches is simply a matter of learning how to be a pain in the neck to the Big Oil Companies?

Garth Gibson, consumer advocate, former Naval Officer says he couldn’t help but fume at the fuelishness taking place at the gas pump as he commutes from assignment to assignment.

So the ex-Navy Officer trained at never accepting failure while in the military took on a new mission. Debunking every myth everyone’s told you about fuel economy. So he’s compiled the real ones in a report called, “62 Shoestring Ways To Stop Paying Through The Nozzle At The Gas Pump”.

A person’s gas guzzling guilt is misplaced says Garth. He decided to prove by hitting the books and not the road.

First step he says is to decide you want to drive smarter and cheaper.

“The problems with your fuel economy are not in your wallet but in your brain's owner manual.”

“You no longer have to remain stumped at the pump…you have to get rid of your gas pump mental gridlock in order to stop spinning your wheels at fuel economy. ”

Garth says once he got filled up with the right mental attitude he could see pump saving secrets all around him.

No giant oil company wants to put a muzzle on a gas-guzzler so he knows oil industry insiders would like to put the brakes to what he’s doing.

But going against the grain may be standard operating procedure for Garth. While in the military he developed the reputation as “Captain Tightwad” in an organization not known for fiscal restraint.

In one instance he set up new purchasing systems that saved the military thousands of dollars. It was so successful he won an award for it.

Speaking of breaking the mold here’s a tip from Garth concerning your brakes and fuel efficiency.

Keep Your Foot Off The Brake

Try to avoid the habit of keeping your foot on the brake, even lightly, when you are driving. When you rest your foot on the brake you use more gas than you would otherwise and you also will wear out your brakes much sooner.

If you find that you are keeping your foot on the brake without being aware of it you can try sticking a reminder note to yourself on the dashboard of your car.

Start paying attention to your driving habits to see how important they are and to see how efficiently you drive.

“I won’t top off until I turn every gas guzzler into a gas miser gallon by gallon if I have to.”

For free details of Garth’s Stop Paying Through The Nozzle book with extended material titled, Secrets To Monster Gas Mileage and Extreme Penny Pinching For Hybrid Car Owners, fax your request to 786-513-0439 786. Once out of car trouble you may still have other mental set backs learn more right and wrong ways out of mental gridlocks by going to

About Garth Gibson

Garth Gibson has an MBA from the University Of Connecticut. He has over ten years of experience in finance working for some of the largest hospitals and health plans in the US. A former Naval Officer he received a special award for innovative management while in the armed services. He’s been helping others get out of mental gridlock jams since he was a child where his grandmother, who would provide social services support to relatives and community members, noticed he had a special talent for giving advice.

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