Chimericana Books Releases Jane's Game by Mike Philbin

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Jane's Game (a bizarro novel) by Mike Philbin is the first novel release from Chimericana Books. It is a brutal piece of psycho-sexual horror fiction about the pain of artistic creation and the intervention of molecular biology.

A long time ago, in 1989, Creation Press of London released a book of psycho-sexual horror fiction called Red Hedz that featured Paul Kasparek, the drunken artist struggling to complete his latest commission, and a mysterious redhead called Jane. The tag line might have been "watch what you create, it might come back and love you too hard," but it was actually "love is pain begging for death," thus setting the dark tone and generally fatalistic nature of the ensuing romance.

In the meantime, Mike continued to write but under the keyboard name Hertzan Chimera. In 2002, Eraserhead Press brought out the first true Hertzan Chimera novel Szmonhfu (pronounced "je m'en fous") that focused on the eponymous aliens who destroy the Earth. A totally butchered version of Red Hedz formed the central act of this three-act literary abomination.

Back to 1990, an additional book was written called Skin Science that explored redhead Jane's origins and possible motivation for her totally destructive sexual behavior but this has never been published, until now.

Jane's Game by Mike Philbin brings together these two books in a brand new edition (65,000 words). Cover photo by C-Alley.

Novel synopsis: The technicians at the Fountains Institute for Molecular Science thought they knew what they were doing when they wrote her Jane progam, they had rewritten her so many times before why should this time be any different? But they didn't account for love and the power of devotion. They didn't envisage how the merest physical contact would be able to transform the body into a steel scythe that could carve through living matter. They didn't account for unconditional belief in one's true identity. Their most fatal error.

Mike Philbin is an Oxford, UK- based artist/writer who for fifteen years stunned the horror genre with his uncontrollable Hertzan Chimera writing persona.

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