Music with Positive Messages Can Strengthen Those Affected by Disasters

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Music that has positive, uplifting and emotionally-strengthening lyrics can help disaster survivors, as well as anyone going through life challenges, to move forward into a more balanced and meaningful life. Marcia Breitenbach offers a unique approach with her self-help book and music CD combo that empowers the spirit, mind, body and heart.

Marcia Breitenbach, a Tucson-based therapist, has a unique approach that can help disaster survivors, as well as anyone facing a significant life challenge, find balance, hope and confidence during difficult times. Her innovative book and music CD combo, The Winds of Change, offers powerful tools for people who may have lost everything, like the Katrina and earthquake survivors, as well as the average person who has had a loved one die. Take a look at this resource that heals spirit, mind, body and heart at:

People who have survived these disasters are still grief-stricken and in need of emotional support. "There is a protective numbness that may be wearing off for many of them," Marcia says, "and their long-term healing has just begun." "They have been focussed on the physical essentials of survival such as food, shelter and clothing. Now, emotional, mental and spiritual resources are essential for them to thrive, not just survive."

One tool that is overlooked is the power of music. From Marcia’s personal life challenges and working with clients for 20 years has come a body of original music that reinforces the positive messages and techniques she writes about in her book. Mary Myers, an NHA educator in Michigan writes, “For a long time now, I have found your songs to be healing.. Often I will hear your words and music in my mind... I've had plenty of negative messages in my head--it is great to have your music instead.” For those Katrina survivors and anyone going through difficult life situations, the written and spoken word alone may not get through to the underlying subconscious where our beliefs reside. This is because there is an overwhelming flood of emotions and confusing thoughts, and also because concentration and focus are reduced at those times. Music can bypass these limitations and get right to the core.

Helping people change their limited views about their ability to handle change and loss, and to give hope and support to building new dreams and new lives is what this singing therapist is all about. “It’s not enough to give people tools to handle grief and loss, “Breitenbach says. “There are choices we make that can make the process the difference between feeling victimized and powerless or feeling empowered and confident.”

Cliff Johnson reviews Marcia's work in Science of Mind, July 2005 issue: “The site ( compassionately addresses the mental and spiritual pain that accompanies the loss of a loved one (human or a much-loved pet), the onset of a serious illness, a divorce, or any number of major, dramatic, and usually unexpected changes that occur in life."

Marcia’s website and her books and music have the support that Katrina and other disaster survivors can use to heal and find balance and confidence as they rebuild their lives. Her work applies to anyone responding to these world disasters or to personal life challenges.

Marcia Breitenbach is the founder of and Magnificent Choices for Healing. She is an author, songwriter, therapist, and devoted mother. She has 20 years of experience in grief and loss therapy, specializing in the expressive arts therapies, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Tucson, Arizona.

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