While Baseball Players Lose Prestige and Pay, Regular People Lose Their Lives

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Healthy fitness guru blasts professional athletes for illegal drug use and failure to speak out strongly against steroids.

"Rafael Palmeiro is lucky," says fitness expert Anthony Ellis, commenting on the 10-day suspension that cost the Baltimore Oriole $163,934 in salary and possibly a chance at being named to baseball's Hall of Fame. "He's only losing pay and prestige for using steroids, but a lot of people, including young people, have lost their lives!"

Ellis believes professional athletes "must be more forceful about condemning steroid use." While Donald Fehr, Executive Director and General Counsel for the Major League Baseball Players Association said the suspension "should serve to dispel doubts about our determination to rid baseball of illegal steroids," Ellis points out that Jose Canseco has said that Major League Baseball is "making a scapegoat of Palmeiro."

In an interview on Sporting News Radio, Canseco said that MLB is punishing Palmeiro for past, not current steroid use. Ellis says, "The words of a superstar like Canseco carry a lot more weight with NASCAR dads and their sons than anything that Fehr might say." He is issuing a call to other players to stand up and "state in no uncertain terms that steroids are bad and that gaining lean mass is possible without illegal drugs."

Ellis believes that the lure of steroids is particularly strong for people who find it especially difficult, usually due to genetics, to gain lean body mass. "Hard gainers," as he calls them, "have trouble adding size and gaining strength no matter how conscientious they are about working out." Part of the problem he says is that additional factors, like diet and nutrition, are critical to a hard gainer's success, much more so than for a so-called 'easy' gainer. This issue spurred Ellis to open his first website to help underweight individuals at http://www.skinnyguy.net

"Hard gainers are struggling, doing their best, and then they hear athletes in baseball and wrestling talk about the 'magic pill' as though there were no downside... no chance of permanent physical and mental damage." Ellis is referring to physical side-effects that range from acne and baldness to high blood pressure, heart disease, blood clots, liver disease, cancer and stroke; as well as to cases of suicide that have been linked to steroid use and withdrawal.

Once a "135-lb.hard gainer" himself and now an undisputed "hard body," Ellis wants other hard gainers to put on lean muscle mass using a natural, proven regimen -- one that integrates healthy exercise, healthy eating, and healthy dietary supplementation, rather than steroids.

"There are no 'quick fixes' for building muscle mass," says Ellis with passion. "It's a life-long approach that gives hard gainers the benefits of looking and feeling good without risking their lives.

"I gained 32 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks and reduced my body fat by 3%... and I did it naturally, without steroids" says Ellis with undisguised pride. "Instead of succumbing to the lure of the 'magic pill,' I studied, researched, tested and ultimately succeeded."

He succeeded using natural training and dieting methods that he outlines in his book, "Gaining Mass" -- A complete, step-by-step training and nutritional system for hard-gainers. Ellis says it worked for him and is perfect for "anyone who has ever felt the pain of being skinny."

Ellis has over 70,000 users of his program in over 100 countries worldwide, and provides more information and a free muscle building report at http://www.fastmusclegain.com.


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