Advances in Bone Grafting Offer More Dental Treatment Options for People with Missing Teeth

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Safer, more patient-friendly bone grafting technology allows more people to receive dental implants, the best possible replacements for missing teeth. The availability of freeze-dried grafting material reduces post-surgical discomfort and reduces the risk of infection.

Elmwood Dental Restoration and Implant Center now offers advanced bone grafting technology that allows more people to experience the comfort and confidence of dental implants. Patients who in the past did not qualify for dental implants due to poor bone quality or who chose not to undergo a complex bone grafting procedure can now receive long lasting, natural looking implants.

Dental implants are the best possible replacements for missing teeth because they look, feel and function more like natural teeth than alternative treatments. Implants also last much longer than bridgework, partials and dentures, without compromising healthy surrounding teeth.

To ensure dental implant success, the patient must have enough jawbone to anchor the titanium implant. In patients who do not have enough bone or whose bone is of poor quality, grafting can stimulate bone growth. Bone grafting used to require surgery to harvest graftable bone from the patient’s chin or another part of the body. This additional surgery caused discomfort and increased the risk for infection, and many patients were reluctant to undergo the procedure.

Recent innovations have made bone grafting much more patient-friendly. Freeze-dried grafting material is now used in dental bone grafting procedures. A second surgical procedure is eliminated and post-surgical discomfort is significantly reduced. As a result, bone grafting has become a routine dental procedure at Elmwood Dental Restoration and Implant Center.

New bone begins to form in just a few weeks after grafting surgery, and implant placement can usually be scheduled within three to six months.

This patient-friendly bone grafting technology will benefit thousands of patients who have lost bone as a result of a tooth extraction, gum disease, gum infection, accident or other facial trauma.

For more information on bone grafting and dental implants, visit the Elmwood Dental Restoration and Implant Center website at or call Karon Johnson at (585) 461-4350.

Elmwood Dental Restoration and Implant Center is a state-of-the-art facility where a team of dental specialists solves complex dental problems using the latest technologies in restorative and implant dentistry. The Center is located at 1960 Clinton Avenue South in Rochester, NY.


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