The Nation's Certified Christ-based Counselors Gather to Extol Jesus as the Preeminent Authority on Human Functioning

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The Nation's Christ-based Counselors Press toward the Mark of the High Calling of Jesus Christ!!!

During a recent meeting of the Southwest Region of the National Association of Certified Christ-based Counselors (NACCBC) the theme, “If it’s not Christ-based, It’s a Corrupt Basis, I Peter 1:23-25” resonated through the regional gathering at Macedonia Ministries in Lewisville, Texas. The Association’s President and author of the Christ-based Counseling genre, Dr. Steven B. DavidSon (pictured left on platform) led the speakers with an overview of Christ-based Counseling. DavidSon highlighted the approach based on the life of Jesus as far superior to the psycho-talk therapies. As DavidSon proclaimed, “I submit that Jesus understands human functioning far better than any of those who hold to the psychotherapies. And if there is an approach in the psychotherapies appropriate for believers, it is already in God’s Word.”    DavidSon’s comparison of Christ-based Counseling to current psycho-therapies was irrefutable, and he left no stone unturned demonstrating the Biblical error in readily accepted concepts such as self-esteem as opposed to Father-Focus. DavidSon holds that Jesus clearly espoused the latter for believers. DavidSon also emphasized the challenge to local churches to meet the daily one-on-one counseling needs of parishoners. Teen pregnancy and geriatrics were also featured highlights of the day presented by Denise Bates of Houston, and Dr. Jim C. Tullos of Highland Village, Texas respectively. Participants witnessed one of the most extraordinary Christian events including an ordination, counselor licensing, and graduation programs. Unlike join-up associations, NACCBC members including state licensed practitioners must complete a basic certification program, and the highest level Christ-based Counseling designation is the Advanced Mastery Licensure program. This counselor must use a standardized counseling plan. DavidSon explains, “While our global and standardized approach allows for the counselor’s personal insights, standardization ensures qualitative counseling delivery and accountability. A Christ-based Counselor in Florida addresses addiction or depression the same way a Christ-based Counselor in Oregon does session by session. As an organization, the Christian community is ensured that a Christ-based Counselor is not just a Christian with an atheistic therapy. Also, we are not prone to indiscriminate prayer and scripture quoting. Our approach to every issue involves a strategic process, and it is clearly Christ-based.” DavidSon adds, “Unfortunately, some major denominations and churches have been co-opted by state licensing, which has nothing to do with a counselor’s faith or Biblical basis. However, it is not surprising since many of their schools and seminary programs are diluted with these atheistic approaches.” DavidSon concludes, “It is so important to be found faithful when Jesus returns.” DavidSon launched the program twelve years ago, and now the organization is the nation’s exclusive Christ-based Counseling program. Recently appearing on a national radio program, DavidSon was asked a series of questions by the host. “What do you do for the Buddhist? What do you do for the Moslem? What do you do for the atheist?” Davidson replied, “The Buddhist must find something that is Buddha-based. The Moslem must find something Mohammed-based, and the atheist must rely on the psychotherapies. The psycho-therapies were born out of atheism. What we have in Jesus is superior by far.” Given their leader’s passion, no doubt the group truly represents the theme, “If it’s not Christ-based, It’s a Corrupt Basis.” More information about NACCBC, and Christ-based Counseling can be found at

Dateline: Dallas Metroplex, October 12, 2005

Contact: Jackie Massey, 972 571 1853


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