Stress Could be Killing your Relationship! Do you Know The 10 Rules for Relationship Stress Management?

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Before you try to get away from your relationship problems by booking a seat on NASA’s next Mission to Mars, read these 10 Rules for Relationship Stress Management form the founder of

The founder of, Miguel Angulo, the self proclaimed “Stress Relief Coach” announced today that “we can manage stress in our relationships by following a few simple daily rules”. According to the stress relief expert, “differences between men and women can turn a simple conversation into a stressful battle between Godzilla and Cat Woman. Any relationship, romantic or otherwise, will always have some degree of stress and we must learn how to manage it if we want our relationship to survive.”

Angulo asks: “Haven’t you been totally happy with your partner and then suddenly, WHAM!, one of you says or does something that totally screws things up for no apparent reason? This is entirely normal and simply means that change is coming. The key to managing these times of stress is to be sensitive enough to notice the signals of transformation and to find a common exciting vision that will pull the relationship forward.”

“Unfortunately”, Angulo explains, “most of us do not have a compelling vision. And, instead of moving forward by focusing on meeting each other’s needs, we waste so much time trying to prove who’s right and who’s wrong.” He adds that “an experienced expert can be very useful in helping us create that vision and finding ways of understanding and meeting each other’s needs, so that the stressful relationship can become a powerfully gratifying partnership.”

Now, if you want to handle your relationship woes on your own, The Stress Relief Coach recommends the following 10 Rules for Relationship Stress Management:

1.    DO find out what you and your partner expect of each other. Do not guess! Get a peace of paper and write down 5 things that your partner can do to make you feel loved. Ask your partner to do the same. Then post your papers on the fridge where you can see them daily, keep track of each other’s progress and decide when to make adjustments.

2.    DON’T kill your partner’s self esteem during arguments. It destroys your chances of getting what you need, which is to be loved and respected. Your partner wants the same. Stick to the issues at hand and not the past.

3.    DON’T threaten with divorce unless you’re absolutely committed to it. In stead, focus on letting your partner know what WOULD make you feel loved, accepted, respected, secure and desired.

4.    DO NOT judge what your partner said or did during an argument. Wait until they are calm to find out how they truly feel.

5.    DO try to make the relationship fun by doing the things that made you both fall in love in the first place. They worked once, so they can work again!

6.    DO manage your own individual fears and insecurities before they destroy your relationship. It helps to do some Yoga, meditation, physical exercise, forgiveness exercises and to hire an expert.

7.    DO listen to your partner with the intent to understand, not to impose your views or prove who is right. Remember, all you really want is to be happy!

8.    FOR MEN: DO not offer unsolicited advice during a conversation, especially if your partner comes to you with a problem. Make them feel heard and understood for about 10-15 minutes. Then, when they’ve had a chance to “re-set” their emotions, you can offer your valuable ideas; but only if they ask. If you don’t, her stress will skyrocket and you’ll get burnt!

9.    FOR WOMEN: DO not attack or nag your partner when he “retreats” during an argument. It does not mean they do not love you or that they are rejecting you. Men simply need the “time off” in order to come up with a solution. If you interrupt his thinking process, he’ll get more stressed and retreat even further.

10.    DO let your partner know how much you appreciate and love them for what they do well. Men and women love to feel needed, desired and admired.

So, before you make arrangements to travel as cargo with the “Mars Rover” after your next argument, try following these 10 simple rules first. Maybe you can even let “E.T.” hitch a ride instead!

About was founded by Miguel Angulo, The Stress Relief Coach. His website’s motto is to turn stress into success with stress relief coaching services for individuals and corporations. Services include solutions for relationship stress, job stress and financial stress. Angulo’s unique coaching practice focuses on all aspects of the self (Mind, Body and Spirit) and uses powerful mental and physiological exercises borrowed from Applied Psychology, Life Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Visualization and Ayurveda. The stress expert’s site offers telephone one-on-one and group coaching and on-site stress relief workshops. For more information, as well as stress management tips, e-books, self-analysis forms and audio materials, visit


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