Multi-Platinum Producer Daz Dillinger Makes the Biggest West Coast Record Since Tupac's All Eyes On Me

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Daz Dillinger gives KDAY 50 exclusive CDs, "Dillinger &Young Gotti."

Super Producer Daz Dillinger creates one of the biggest West Coast street buzzes with the upcoming CD Dillinger &Young Gotti. Daz decides to honor West Coast radio by giving Los Angeles' New KDAY, 93.5 FM 50 CDs. And KDAY will be giving these highly anticipated CDs at their Halloween Bash at World On Wheels.

This CD is considered to be the biggest Street West Coast Record since Tupac's All Eyez On Me. Some are tying the connection to Daz because of his multi-platinum production of All Eyez on Me. Yet many music lovers are stating that Daz has single handedly brought back the West Coast street buzz as Ice Cube once did with Amerikkka's Most Wanted.

Everyone is buzzing about "Dillinger &Young Gotti" official release date November 1st. Daz Dillinger explains, "I really didn't expect the buzz, because there is little to no promotion for the album. I really expected people to appreciate my work based on word of mouth alone, and sometimes that doesn't get the instant gratification that the big record labels can get. But it's gratifying for me to continue to create music that specifically caters to my niche - the streets."

In an industry dominated by new and young talent, it's not easy for a rapper and a producer with a career spanning more than ten years to be taken seriously. Often times the rapper and producer is just merely respected, but not recognized by his peers and fans to give a relevant record. Yet this year, music industry insiders are admitting that Daz Dillinger not only created a very relevant record, but also has mastered the art of business, by keeping his record very independent.

Daz Dillinger reveals, "It's tough in the Hip Hop industry to continue to create, because the powers that be want a throw away art. They didn't think Rap Music would even last. So instead of trying to get rid of rap music, because everyone benefits from it, they try to get rid of seasoned rappers, at a point in their careers when they finally know the ins and outs of the business aspect of their careers. You see what Prince did when he realized that he didn't own anything, he put slave on his cheek. He came to a point in his career where he was educated enough to be wiser in his choices and realized his true leverage power."

Daz continues, "When you are younger you make decisions that are fast to try to get quick money, anything is good to someone that didn't have anything. When you are older, and you realize your true marketing potential, you begin to make wiser decisions. And truthfully speaking, I don't think they want wise decisions for artists, so they create a quick fly by night act and show, and expect them to disappear in a few years."

What has Daz Dillinger been doing since his break from the public? Daz Dillinger has created the prelude to The Saga Unfolds by giving the public one of the streets highly anticipated West Coast Albums, "Dillinger &Young Gotti". The story line gives an exciting backdrop in what appears to unfold like a classic gangster novel, or a movie epic such as "The God Father". Daz Dillinger explains, "I wanted to create something that the streets identifies with without making it like packaged cheap Spam. So I created the music, and it's basically a story and an epic like R Kelly's RB Opera. This is only the beginning."

Daz Dillinger and Kurupt also give KDAY listeners the opportunity to get a sneak preview on Halloween. Daz states, "I think it's the right season, this CD is definitely not for the faint at heart." Mr. Dillinger continues, "This is for the gangsters and hustlers and the women that love us. And even those in college, if you are being a gangster about getting your A's this is for you too. Hell the President of the United States is a gangster. Gangsters are global, and this album along with the albums to come will reflect that. I am just glad to be apart of KDAY, the original West Coast radio station. I wanted to come back and be apart of that team that held it down for the West Coast for decades."

Daz Dillinger believes that his niche continues to be the men and women who are challenged by daily life struggles. When asked to respond to the street's big buzz over the record, he explains, "I didn't expect instant gratification, because I didn't choose a big commercialized machine to get behind this album. This is an independent album, and sometimes that appreciation takes years to receive. But I am grateful that the word of mouth on the West Coast and all coasts is back, maybe we can begin to start really moving some things again."

Why KDAY? Daz has chosen a station that honors the streets to give away his very street and hardcore record, Dillinger &Young Gotti, before the official release date November 1st. Daz explains, "I like all the West Coast Hip Hop stations. Yet some listens to the streets more than others." Daz Dillinger explains, "I grew up on KDAY, and I thought it was only fitting to just break the news about me and Kurupt's reunion with the streets especially with that particular radio station." KDAY will be giving away Dillinger &Young Gotti to listeners who come to World On Wheels on Saturday, October 29, 2005. The time is 10:30PM-2:30AM at World on Wheels 4645 1/2 Venice Blvd. You must be 21+ with Identification. The big street record Dillinger and Young Gotti is expected in stores November 1st.

About Daz Dillinger

One of the most important members of the West Coast empire is producer/rapper Daz Dillinger. He has worked alongside some of the West Coast's best rappers. Along with Kurupt, Nate Dogg, and Snoop Dogg, Dillinger was one of the Long Beach, CA, clique that had been introduced to Dr. Dre through Warren G during the preliminary stages of the legendary Chronic album.

Daz Dillinger's contributions to Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle album as a rapper quickly established him as one of the most deadliest gangster writers on the West Coast. Tupac chose DAZ to be the leading producer for All Eyez on Me. His production helped make 2Pac's All Eyez on Me so much of a success, he was chosen to be Dr. Dre's successor for the production of Snoop's Tha Doggfather album.

Following the departure of Dr. Dre, the death of 2Pac, and the imprisonment of Suge Knight, Death Row suddenly lost its momentum -- Yet Daz Dillinger's career as a producer still flourished working with artists ranging from Black Eyed Peaz to the South's King's TI.

Daz Dillinger one of the most outspoken gangsters out of DPGC and continues to keep it totally gangsta. No matter where Daz goes in life, he is one of the most feared Hustlers throughout the United States. With street credibility throughout the Nation, he can be dubbed as a "global gangster".

Daz has found a new home with Jermaine Dupri, So Def, which he will debut his album So Gangsta. And he is expected to deliver another smash street music.

Daz Dillinger has created DPGC and Gangster Advisory Records. Both record labels intent on providing content, music and beats that honor authentic street music.

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