PhotoDynamic Therapy - The "Big Gun" for Resistant Acne

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Resistant and Cystic Acne frequently fails to respond to typical measures of control. A safe topical two-step treatment which chemically coats and then destroys acne bacteria offers a new solution.

Resistant and Cystic Acne frequently fails to respond to typical measures of control. A safe topical two-step treatment which chemically coats and then destroys acne bacteria offers a new solution.

“I’ll quote one of my patients,” says Dr. Nissan Pilest. ‘This PDT is awesome!’ And he’s so very right. PhotoDynamic Therapy is one of those rare acne treatments that delivers what it promises - and often more. Used for resistant acne, PDT offers life-altering improvements. Cystic acne, the kind that creates painful inflamed lumps deep in the skin, is a harsh reality for hundreds of thousands of teens. The psychological impact of this type of acne is overwhelming,” says Dr. Nissan Pilest, Medical Director of the prestigious Total Dermatology laser center in Irvine, Ca. Dr. Pilest has focused a great deal of his 26-year career in the research and effective treatment of acne and acne scars.

“Topical and systemic (oral) antibiotics have an effect, but usually are not sufficient to provide adequate control. Left under-treated or untreated, cystic acne will almost always leave as its legacy permanent scars on the face or other affected areas such as the chest and back. So not only is an acne sufferer physically victimized once with the acne itself, but twice - with embarrassing and impossible to hide scars. Proper treatment brings great relief on both levels by minimizing the acne and thus preventing the scarring that would otherwise come from it. The positive emotional impact of taming out of control acne is incalculable.”

Teens, and many adults who never “outgrew” acne, find a concerned physician who offers far more than hope and a prescription. Dr. Pilest applies light-activated Levulan (the liquid agent that penetrates the offending acne cells) and then chooses a light or laser to turn on the action. The activated Levulan selectively destroys acne bacteria and shrinks overactive oil glands - the food source for acne bacteria.

“The impact on acne is immediate. PDT is the “big gun” in the war against acne and if used appropriately, will improve acne conditions faster and more completely ( with the least side effects ) than any other treatment available.

My PDT patients understand the power the treatment holds. They don’t mind the temporary discomfort and redness or the peeling because they see the improvement in their skin and in their lives very quickly. Is PDT the cure? No. There is no “cure” for acne, but there is control. PhotoDynamic Therapy offers a level of control that gives acne sufferers their self-esteem back and skin they can comfortably live in.” See a News Video link about PDT at

What about those who already have scars from acne? “Acne scarring is improved through various lasers such as Smoothbeam and Vbeam. The “big gun” for scarring is the new Fraxel Laser. The Fraxel Laser is a fiber laser that smoothes scars by resurfacing the skin’s outer layers. A series of Fraxel treatments planes down the scar edges and smoothes the skin. Using the Fraxel for acne scar removal is not a “no-downtime” procedure, but it is a very short recovery and most patients are back to regular activity in a couple of days.”

Dr. Pilest is a Board Certified Dermatologist in Irvine, Ca. His practice, Total Dermatology, is recognized as one of the most comprehensive Laser Centers in Southern California. He is an Associate Professor of the Dermatology Department of the University of California Irvine, a peer-chosen Orange County Best Doctor, and frequently teaches laser and light technology to new physicians. Total Dermatology is a National Botox Training Facility. Consultations can be arranged by calling 949-727-3800 or 1-877-DrPilest. The website, offers an intensive insight into treatments and site visitors may sign up for monthly educational newsletters.

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