An Apprentice Observation Day With Martha Stewart For Sale

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Shawn Auer, a CU Boulder, Colorado, sociology student is trying to buy the opportunity to ask Martha Stewart personally if she lied or not. Auer has been working on the project and developed the website upon Martha's release from prison. Auer is offering advertising on his clothing should he win, and promises not to keep one penny from donations. Donations are to be applied to the Charity Buzz foundation, and Auer will provide a verifiable receipt. Auer would like to appeal to media sources who would like the exclusive story of his efforts and his day with Martha Stewart to consider donating on his behalf founder Shawn Auer, a Sociology student at CU in Boulder, Colorado to offer advertising space on his clothing in exchange for donations to be applied to bidding on a chance to spend the day with Martha Stewart. I have been in contact with a major media source, and they are interested in covering this story. Businesses contributing to the charity on behalf of this effort will receive a large amount of publicity for their donations to the charity.

Charity Buzz Hulaween Auction, with the website:
is offering a day with Martha Stewart. Auer feels this is a good time to ask a question that has thus far not been answered by Martha herself, did you lie or not? Auer uses the song "Southbound" by the Railbenders from Denver, Colorado, he feels this song sums up Martha/Mdiddy's spectacle well.

Auer stated, "I will not keep one penny from the donations. I just feel people deserve the truth about the "criminal spectacle" created by Martha Stewart." Auer continues, " by claiming innocence and going to prison after being convicted by a jury of her peers, Martha/Mdiddy Stewart is encouraging disbelief in the effectiveness of the legal system, and distrust in the fairness of the stock market."

Martha/Mdiddy Stewart is also trying to stratify society into those who feel she was wrongly persecuted and those who feel the legal system is just. I have been at this project for a while now, and have noticed that no one in the media is asking Martha Stewart the 'real question' did you lie or not. The strategy of claiming innocence and going to prison does not tell the public if you lied or not. I just feel people should know it from Martha herself." Martha Stewart has multiple T.V. shows airing now, but not all are satisfied with the results of viewer numbers. Donald Trump has been critical of Martha's performance numbers in the spin off of his original Apprentice show on NBC. Trump has even said he never liked the idea of a version with Martha from the beginning! Auer states, " those companies that tried to profit from Martha's 'criminal spectacle' should be remembered, that is why I have put most of them on my website."

Companies or organizations interested in knowing the "truth",will be listed on if desired,for being associated with this effort. Auer would like to appeal to media sources who would like the exclusive story of his efforts and his day with Martha Stewart to consider donating on his behalf. Those interested are asked to respond by sending an email through the link on the website.

A videographer has agreed to accompany Auer, and a verifiable receipt will be provided if Auer should win. Auer uses the phrase "be thoughtful" when considering the implications of welcoming Martha Stewart back into society without any remorse for her actions or knowing whether she lied or not. Auer continues, "most everyone I talk to about this subject feels Martha lied, not everyone agrees on her punishment, but no one has made an effort to push for an answer to this question from Martha herself. This reason is why I am trying to win this auction, to finally get publicity for the question, and to bring my project/campaign to a conclusion."

There has been an effort by John Small and his site to try to "save martha" from being wrongly persecuted. He has gone as far as to put slogans such as: "jumpsuit is so last season" on toddler's clothing. For his efforts, John Small has been on numerous television programs trying to peddle his products. This is what Auer is trying to work against. Major media publicizing a person with an agenda to "save martha", without publicizing the other point of view of someone who feels the public deserves the right to the truth from the offender herself. Martha Stewart, who was convicted of lying and obstruction of justice by a jury comprised of 8 women and 4 men, served five months in prison as a "business move", could not follow the rules of house arrest, now claims she had an unfair trial. Auer concludes with, "this is a good opportunity for businesses to distinguish themselves from dishonest practices/businesses, and sketchy media manipulation."


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