UK Charity Helps Thai Girls and Children Out of Prostitution.

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Hand in Hand Ministries is a Christian Outreach Service operating in Thailand. They offer practical help and support to Thai women and children involved in drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution.

Many girls and children in Thailand today are living an unimaginable reality -- they have been sold into prostitution to pay off family debts. This is not a lifestyle choice. These girls ultimately pay the huge price of abuse, isolation and rejection. Some get hooked on drugs to deal with the pain and many have taken their own lives.

Hand in Hand founder Paul Darbinson says “I’ve seen into the eyes of those who are without hope and longing for some way out. Hand in Hand Ministries is about helping these girls, rescuing children and trying to reunite them with their families or finding safe houses for them to live”.

Paul has come face to face with many people who have lost all hope. Those he has met have so often lost even the very will to live and escape into drug addiction and alcoholism.

Hand in Hand helps girls into education or to find alternative jobs. The Ministry also supports financially until suitable employment can be found.

Many children in Thailand are in dire poverty, they have no education and no parents to provide food and protection. In some cases Hand in Hand Ministries ‘buys children back’ to ensure them a better future and relocates them to a safer place and loving environment.

Hand in Hand Ministries works at the very core of this very difficult area. They help girls escape to safe houses maintaining support whilst working to avoid problems with the owners of the girls and children.

Hand in Hand sees lives completely changed - misery exchanged for joy -- real joy. Families can be supported without girls and children having to be abused. Surely nothing could be more worthwhile.

Hand in Hand Ministries works alongside other charities and NGO’s to maximise effectiveness. The Ministry plans to continue to rescue as many children and girls as possible.

As the charity grows the hope is that the lost will find vision and purpose and those in need will face life without the need for alcohol or drugs. Helping to advise and lead them onto a much better life that can be lived to the full.

Together ‘hand in hand’ they are changing lives for the better, giving real hope and freedom. One at a time maybe but lives are being rebuilt and hope is being rekindled. Children are being freed from harm and living as children should. Girls are finding joy, hope and happiness once again. Those who have escaped into alcohol and drugs are able to face life again and now have a purpose and a way forward.

Hand in Hand Christian Ministries demonstrates the love of Jesus in real and practical ways without being ‘preachy’ or overbearing. Their Gospel is primarily manifest through their actions. They share the good news by being the good news.

“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

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