Market Exploding With All-Natural Health Elixirs -- Finally One That Actually 'Tastes Good'

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MonaVie Independent Distributor Jerry Giebeig Brings More To Market Than Just A Great Tasting -- Health Elixir. Giebeig Has Also Joined Global NetMark For Free Online Training Support With New Internet Marketing Systems.

With MonaVie sales doubling every month, it would appear that people have been starving for a Health Elixir that actually “tastes good” reports Jerry Giebeig - President of JET Enterprises.

After closely following the home based business market for over 5 years, Giebeig says that he wanted to be a part of the solution that could /would help the average person make a few hundred bucks a month. Most importantly, he sought out a compensation plan that advocated team work and supported the opportunity to create full-time incomes, if one chooses to do so over time.

For Giebeig, he says; “It has been a long and grueling process online, sifting through a couple of disappointing ventures, getting me to this point. A good mentor who has experience is crucial in this type of business, and will save you serious time, money and aggravation.”

In North America alone, entrepreneurs from the home based business sector, set out to capture a small fraction of the 90 million Baby Boomers who are sculpting today’s marketplace with their specific health and wellness demands.

Their menu consists of ANTI-AGING, anything to improve their health, vigor, sexual stamina, energy and youthful good looks, to name a few. Take all the above and mix in some Celedrine and Glucosamine into the recipe to ease their aches and pains, and you have a delightfully delicious Gourmet Elixir, marketed by Monarch Health Sciences under the MonaVie Brand called MonaVie Active. MonaVie also offers a product without the Glucosamine, and Celedrine for those who do not have the need of such.

This particular company understands the market segment very well, obviously. MonaVie product line is aggressively slicing out their piece of market share of the all natural/ nutritional health drink market.

MonaVie is marketing this product through a global sales organization of Direct Sales Distributors within a Network Marketing business model, with strong emphasis on developing retail sales to customers. They offer tremendous market appeal to their customers as well as providing first class support service for their field representatives.

With some 13,000 per day turning 50 -- Baby Boomers wants and needs are to be taken very seriously.

They know exactly what they want., and even though there are many high quality products on the market today, taste and science is how you dominate the Health Drink Market. MonaVie has taken care of formulating a great tasting product and the Independent -Home-Based-Business-Owners are providing the personalized customer service component that seems to be ever so fading from the HUGE brick and mortar stores -- a partnership that is re-shaping this market.

This vast group are also specific about which products and level of service it takes to convert them into loyal customers. So the question goes to ask; Do these urban/rural cottage businesses like Giebeig’s have a distinct advantage of personalized customer service, over even the major retail outlets on the street.

Add to this massive tide of humanity the Baby Boomers from other countries which are following similar rip currents. They desire to stay young, and continue to scream out for great tasting, convenient Health Food Solutions as with MonaVie -- to assist them with getting their proper portions of fresh fruits in a world of processed foods and overworked farm lands.

The MonaVie all natural Health Elixir, is comprised of 19 fruits in which boast some of the most powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients, known to man. These little gems have been labeled the “worlds forgotten fruits,” and pureed through a proprietary process, then flash-freeze dried to protect their structural integrity, then shipped to Salt Lake City, Utah for processing the proprietary MonaVie blends.    

Within the group of the 19 fruits from the far corners of the world, features the phenomenal Acai Berry. The Acai Berry is only found within the Brazilian Rain Forrest deep within the Amazon Jungle, atop 25 foot Acai Palm Trees. The Acai has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, NBC, CBS Radio, and more. Learn more about the Science backing the Acai Berry, and the MonaVie product, at this web address; (Password is betterhealth.)

The MonaVie product is directly sold to the marketplace through an increasing sales force of independent sales associates. The sales force of MonaVie alone, is already mounting to the tens of thousands with no sign of slowing down, anytime soon.

MonaVie has also expanded into the following markets so far in 2005: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Philippines, with plans to start shipping products to Japan within the next 90 days.

MonaVie has consistently doubled their sales revenue every month since their official launch on Jan. 8th, 2005 when they auctioned off the first case of MonaVie to one of their new distributors, for $5000 for the Tsunami Relief Fund. -- The future of MonaVie appears to be riding the Baby Boom Wave, with the skills of a World Champion Surfer.

MonaVie also provides their Associates with all the latest back office technology and support for a registration fee of only $39, and an annual renewal fee of $20. This allows independent distributors such as Giebeig to buy at discounted wholesale prices, and then retail one-on-one. As a MonaVie Distributor, you are also allowed to build a business by recruiting a sales organization of both customers as well as other Distributors -- creating overrides and allowing leverage of ones time.

“With MonaVie, the opportunity for a global home based business can be a reality for anyone who wants to pursue such” -- says Giebeig. Who goes on to say; “We are currently seeking Distributors and looking to expand our sales organization into every foreign market that MonaVie enters within the next year. China being one of the markets that will eventually be considered."

With the MonaVie New Generation Binary Pay Plan, with Dynamic Compression -- JET Enterprises will assist you with building your business. One of your two legs is a team leg , with overflow from upline! People are joining daily, secure your spot now for $39 referral #49207, and have people placed under you by your upline team.

Jerry Giebeig -- has started recording his personal experiences with MonaVie as a independent distributor and how/why he is creating a MonaVie Distributorship, on his new blog found here:

As an Independent Distributorship for MonaVie, Giebeig operates his business out of his home on Amelia Island, FL.

If have ever considered the home based business industry, contact Jerry today. He can be reached by phone and by email. Phone number, is 904-753-6026.

**Disclaimer: Jerry Giebeig is an independent agent and does not represent Monarch Health Sciences nor MonaVie. Giebeig is not an employee with Monarch Health Sciences/MonaVie. Monarch Health Sciences nor MonaVie are liable for any claims in this press release.


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