Praise for the New Book "All Hail the Death of Truth! The Advent of the Postmodern Era" by Dr. Keene F. Tiedemann

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The newest book release in conservative circles, “All Hail the Death of Truth! The Advent of the Postmodern Era“ provides a ringing defense of traditional American values in this age of moral relativism. Dr. Tiedemann may indeed be a member of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” as Senator Clinton famously put it, but many readers will hope there are a lot more “members” like him, and that their numbers will grow. Available in paperback and e-book formats "all Hail the Death of Truth" is the perfect (dare we say the word in our politically-correct postmodern world?) Christmas gift for the Conservative reader on your shopping list.

All Hail the Death of Truth! The Advent of the Postmodern Era

The new book, “All Hail the Death of Truth! The Advent of the Postmodern Era,“ by Dr. Keene F. Tiedemann, presents a forceful and detailed argument for the American conservative viewpoint of the early 21st Century. Tiedemann’s views are generally similar to those of many well-known and no doubt patriotic conservative commentators. But his qualifications are perhaps stronger than theirs. To begin with, Tiedemann backed up his patriotism with service in the United States Air Force; he stood on the wall, as the saying goes, for 20 years as a flight crew member in B-52s and RC-135S reconnaissance aircraft. His academic record, culminating in an earned Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, is impressive, especially since his advanced degrees were earned during his active duty. Finally, his technical knowledge, developed during his service as an Electronics Warfare Officer, gives his discussions a depth not usually found in radio commentators or Hollywood actors (even the few of conservative persuasion).

Published in association with, “All Hail the Death of Truth! The Advent of the Postmodern Era“ is available in both print and electronic formats. Also available in print at and “All Hail the Death of Truth!“ is a ringing defense of the conservative Judeo-Christian philosophy upon which this country was founded. It re-introduces the existence of absolute moral values and brilliantly counters the moral relativism that has flourished since the 1960s. "All Hail . . ." details the ramifications on American culture produced by the dominance of the news media and academia by liberal, often extremely liberal, views. Examining growing trends in psuedo-science that are designed for nothing more than the advancment of a socialist political agenda, Dr. Tiedemann even unmasks the popular misapplication of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

Taking the last-named subject first, what Heisenberg actually proposed is that in studying elementary particles such as electrons, we cannot determine position and velocity simultaneously. The act of measuring one will disturb the measurement of the other. But does this mean, as liberal university professors claim, that the entire universe is unknowable? Tiedemann’s answer is a qualified “no.” The problem is analogous to studying the behavior of a caged and purely nocturnal animal; turning on the light to study its behavior stops that behavior. So it can be argued that an isolated electron will, at any given instant, have both a definite position and a definite velocity - even though we cannot determine both.

Tiedemann examines the myriad ways in which our culture has been driven into decay and provides shocking evidence as to the source of this decay. He convincingly argues that there really ARE absolute moral values and that there really IS such a thing as “evil.” He also argues against the liberal view that “to know all is to accept all” and strongly criticizes the almost overwhelming dominance of socialist views by the American news media - a dominance clearly mirrored in American colleges today. Yet the latest to sound the alarm on these social issues, he does so both coherently and forcefully. "All Hail the Death of Truth!" is a must read!

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