Mystery Man Revealed: Anthony P. Baratta, Trustee of CORP-TRUST and infoSPOT’s Curbside Concierge Hit the Ground Running; Lawsuit Free

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After long awaited release, information has been obtained about the illustrious Trustee, Anthony P. Baratta, who is gearing-up CORP-TRUST (USA) in releasing its newest products while changing the legal, financial and technology world around us.

As a freelance writer for various business and technology publications, I do not often get nor take the opportunity to follow-up on a story. A general rule of thumb is to lay-down the big picture, deliver a message and move on to the next headline; until recently.

Some of my loyal readers have often asked me to follow-up on certain stories but rarely stories on specific people. On the other hand and perhaps without ever realizing, I have been following stories about Anthony P. Baratta for the past eight years. From banking and insurance to real estate finance and philanthropy; how can one person do or be involved in so much all on his own? After several months of intense probing, my staff and I have finally put a peg into knowing a little more about Anthony P. Baratta, Trustee.

Admittedly, over the past several years I have written and read various articles and have even published details regarding CORP-TRUST and its affiliated companies such as BARI Holdings, Stop Loss Bond, REIT Re, The Source of America, RE Bond and other related groups without ever being able to tie anyone specific to the companies other than spokespeople; now I know why.

Anthony Baratta is a 34-year-old success story to the fullest extent of the word. Starting-out on his own at the ripe old age of 16, he began developing speculative homes in Forest, Virginia where he got a taste of the business world. Through the years he continued his passion for real estate development and eventually became a major player in the purchasing and financing of Net Leased properties in and around the United States. Today, it is rumored that Anthony Baratta is the largest private holder of Net Leased properties in the USA but my staff’s attempts to confirm this are unfound as Mr. Baratta prides himself in his privacy.

On July 21, 2005, Anthony P. Baratta, Trustee for CORP-TRUST (USA), (EU) and CORP-TRUST International Holdings Trust, Ltd. assembled a team of twelve individuals who, under his sole direction, are changing the world around us. After an intense five week congress, the results led to the release of some of the most intriguing material and concepts of which I have ever written: infoSPOT and infoSPOT411, and Held Harmless.

infoSPOT / infoSPOT411: CORP-TRUST has recently, yet indirectly, announced the release of its newest product which has been “in the works” for over three years: infoSPOT and infoSPOT411.

Through its wholly-owned China based engineering firm, CORP-TRUST has placed Mr. Kim Lau as Chief Technical Engineer of the infoSPOT device and its HotBox counterpart. After an in depth telephone interview, Mr. Lau was quoted saying: “We are very excited to work with Mr. Baratta on this project. We have worked on various other applications in the past including Bluetooth but this concept has the most potential for all markets and will revolutionize the world marketplace.” Although Mr. Lau also admitted to never actually sitting down with Mr. Baratta, he continued to say: “Mr. Baratta is the brains and the braun of the company and from what I understand he never puts himself in the public eye so not to distract from his focus in business.” My staff has since confirmed that a law firm somewhere in Denver, Colorado is the technical representative for the company.

Originally known as “Mr. Info”, infoSPOT is the only on-demand Curbside Concierge device that simply, quickly and easily provides the information you want when you want it; on demand. I obtained all the details of this fabulous new device on their preliminary web site at: Here is how I understand it to work: When pressed, infoSPOT transmitters, which are keychain sized mini-remotes, transmit a Digital ID to an infoSPOT HotBox which can be located at any retail store or other land based location. Once the Digital ID is received, the HotBox instantly transmits the Digital ID to a main web server. The server then immediately sends preprogrammed information from the HotBox owner (the retailer) to the inquiring party’s cellular phone as a text message, or a voicemail message or an audio/video message. It also sends the same information to the inquiring party’s infoSPOT account, other email accounts, faxes, voicemails or other methods as so programmed by the User. The information sent on the text message can be anything including the name, address, email address and phone number of the location, its products and services, and a full description as provided by the retailer through the HotBox in that specific or other location.

More importantly, the HotBox records and stores each inquiry which allows the retailer (or owner of the receiving HotBox) to record and trace its daily statistics. It even allows the HotBox owner to follow-up with each inquiry via the inquirer’s Digital ID through the website ( which is still in its development stages.

It is further reported that CORP-TRUST has recently been in contact with MapQuest (a wholly owned subsidiary of America Online, Inc. which is owned by Time Warner Inc. (TWX:NYSE)) to provide its online mapping service of each inquiry. This means that each infoSPOT inquiry can be individually logged in the inquiring party’s infoSPOT account and later viewed online on a map. The maps break down where each inquiry was logged, its location, time, day, and various details such as address, phone number, email address, a vCard, a list of products and/or services provided, as well as, what region, state, city, or neighborhood where the inquiry was made. Once this information is received, it can later be synchronized into other applications such as Outlook or cellular phone address books.

Rumors stemming from industry leaders indicate that discussions of preliminary orders of several hundred thousand infoSPOT transmitters and HotBox receiver units from companies such as Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation and Century21 Real Estate LLC, both of which are subsidiaries of Cendant Corporation (NYSE: CD), and also, Prudential Financial (NYSE:PRU), have been placed for utilization in the real estate markets. These devices can allow real estate buyers to shop properties from the convenience of the curb rather than make painstaking calls to phone numbers where agents do not answer or are not readily available. The infoSPOT device transmits instantly the listed property details with a simple click of a button at the property location. The information transmitted could be the address, neighborhood, price of the property, size of the property, association fees, rental fees, agent or agency contacts, and other pertinent information. Again, the mapping service also helps real estate shopper visualize the location of each inquiry when logged-in to their infoSPOT account. Also, at the end of the day, the agent on the property can see at the end of the day how many people inquired about the property and can follow-up on those inquiries through the infoSPOT online account services.

Other rumors have disclosed that the cellular community has expressed a strong interest in the concept as the added value in text messaging would boost profits considerably. Companies such as Sprint / Nextel Communications (NYSE: S), T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT), Cingular and other major companies have all been looking into the infoSPOT potential for their own customers and for the expansion of their customer base into providing this curbside service.

HELD HARMLESS: With a college background focused on political science and law, Baratta has always been interested in change and making a difference. Seeing lawsuits ramping-up insurance costs and tying-up our legal and court systems, he felt that something could be done to decrease the number of frivolous and abusive lawsuits and he did; Held Harmless.

Just when I thought I read it all, Held Harmless came to surface as another brainchild of young Baratta. With over two years in the making, Held Harmless utilizes the written laws to protect individuals and businesses from lawsuits. Launched on September 12, 2005, has been inundated with inquiries and new members due to its simplistic make-up and encompassing legal reach.

Held Harmless is a national reporting service which disseminates names of individuals and businesses across the Nation who have posted public notice that they are not liable for losses, injuries and damages sustained by others. Registration with Held Harmless means that your name or your businesses names are listed on a national public website for anyone to view as Members in Good Standing. State and Federal Laws stipulate that anyone who gives notice by means of any public access has given legal public notice. In turn, by becoming a member of Held Harmless, you are posting legal public notice that you or your business are Nationally Held Harmless from lawsuits stemming from losses, injuries or damages sustained by others.

Both the infoSPOT and Held Harmless concepts are incredible, but Baratta did not stop there. He has since integrated both products into one. Now, anyone with an infoSPOT or a HotBox account is automatically registered with Held Harmless. Therefore, any time an infoSPOT inquiry is made, a Held Harmless Digital ID included with the infoSPOT or HotBox account is transmitted to and from transmitters and receivers on every inquiry. This action further notifies the receiving parties that each person or business is Held Harmless from losses, injuries and damages sustained by others. The benefits of both programs are endless.

In the lobby of PriceWaterhouseCoopers I met-up with John Coleman, a senior auditor who states: “Mr. Baratta has never ceased to amaze us. We find ourselves delved into various new projects in what seems to be every other month and they are all winners.” Baratta, who was named Businessman of the Year in 2003, is once again on his way to making his mark on our Nation.

Although Baratta has delved into the legal and technology services industry, it does not mean that he has stepped-away from his first love; real estate. My sources tell me that they have linked Baratta to a new US Treasury based real estate purchase and finance program that will perhaps make him the new Donald Trump (without all the negative publicity).

If you have or can share more details on CORP-TRUST, infoSPOT411, Held Harmless or its Trustee, Anthony P. Baratta, or any affiliated companies, please contact me.


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