An Underground All-female Fightclub Hits the Airwaves

Viewers across the nation can experience the reality of all-female fightclubs when it hits the airwaves this week.

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Burbank, CA (PRWEB) November 4, 2005

For years, urban city dwellers asked if the mythical world of fight clubs actually exists. Well, evidently they do. And viewers will get first hand experience as Extreme Chick Fights takes their reality DVD to the airwaves. Featured on various regions on Fox Sport Net, along with 1/2 hour shows in select cities, viewers will get a taste of a real world fightclub experience and the opportunity to see more.

"We thought it was time to get the word out to the public about underground fightclubs that are taking place all around the world," says Marie Hegwood, the producer of the "fight club for girls" reality project.

Starting Nov 3, Extreme Chick Fights will be seen in various television ad campaigns on Fox Sport Net Regionals along with 1/2 hour longforms on various stations across the nation.

Extreme Chick Fights is an underground fight club where girls from different backgrounds and abilities get together to challenge each other in fights ranging from bare-knuckle brawling, tag-team beat downs and extreme boxing.

The fights are real and uncut. Covered by daring sports correspondents from ESPN Magazine and Sport Illustrated, the matches prove to be an untapped resource of both spectacle, ability, and the rawest of reality.

Matches are fought in undisclosed locations and those who get the opportunity to participate are there by invite only. This hot new sport is for the person who believes they've seen everything. Chances are you haven't until you see this.




Blows of an underground fightclub Blows of an underground fightclub

Diamond takes a blow.