Enzymes Help in the Treatment of Asthma

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Ellen Cutler, MD, DC is on a campaign to help educate parents and health professionals. Millions of poor and minority kids will likely suffer even higher rates of asthma due to urban toxins and global warming. Dr. Cutler has had success in controlling asthma through enzyme therapy and feels it's essential for the management of the disease.

Revealing her experience as a clinical practitioner in treating children with asthma, Dr. Ellen Cutler says that enzymes are one of the keys to successfully controlling asthma in children. According to a report released by Harvard researchers and the American Public Health Association millions of poor and minority children in America’s cities will likely suffer even higher rates of asthma as the result of a powerful one-two punch of higher levels of pollen and changes in the types of molds spurred by global warming, along with unhealthy urban air masses caused by the burning of fossil fuel by cars, trucks and buses.

“I’m really worried about this grave situation,” said Dr. Cutler. “Asthma is already at epidemic levels and I believe this is a wake-up call to all health professionals who treat kids. The good news is that health risks of asthma may be reduced with enzyme therapy.” In her lectures, Dr. Cutler describes that many children who suffer with asthma are plagued with food allergies. The most common food allergies are: milk, corn, soy, tree nuts, wheat, fish and shellfish, and eggs. But there are many other food sensitivities that are delayed and chronic. For example, fruits, spices, alcohol, beans, chocolate, yeast and sulfites in foods. These sensitivities added to the more common food allergies are triggers for sinusitis, and respiratory problems. Enzymes can cut these allergies considerably and consequently reduce asthma. Enzymes are safe, natural, easy to use and there are even chewable enzymes for children who can’t swallow capsules. A case history from Dr. Cutler’s clinical practice can help illustrate the impact of enzyme therapy for asthmatic conditions.

Jonathan. Age 6 came to the BioSET/clinic suffering from chronic allergy-related sinus headaches and moderate asthma. His mother commented that Jonathan was frequently complaining of headaches and itchy eyes. A full evaluation was performed and quite a few allergies were uncovered. I also discovered, based on a BioSET evaluation that Jonathan was unable to digest sugars and fats sufficiently. A multiple (chewable) digestive enzyme was recommended as well as two other systemic enzyme for reducing histamine and inflammation. Jonathan’s food allergies were reduced significantly and as a result his symptoms were minimized.

Dr. Cutler is the preeminent authority in the field of enzyme therapy. She is the author of four books including MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes ($15.95, paperback original, October) and she explains how and why enzymes are essential to the treatment of chronic diseases such as asthma. Based on extensive research and more than two decades of life-changing work with patients suffering from this disease, she wants to bring enzyme therapy into the mainstream of healthcare.

“Enzymes are the medicine of the future, she said. “They are safe for all ages, natural and vegetarian, and essential to true healing in its most basic sense: Digest your illness away. Enzymes are the key to the restoration of optimal health and balance.”

ABOUT Ellen Cutler

Ellen Cutler, D.C., M.D. is the founder of BioSET, an innovative healing system that combines enzyme therapy with other complementary medicine disciplines. The author of such groundbreaking books as Winning the War against Asthma and Allergies and The Food Allergy Cure, Dr. Cutler presents workshops and seminars on enzyme therapy to health care professionals around the world. She lives in Marin County, California. For more information logon to: http://www.bioSET-institute.com.

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