A Striking Take on the Golem Legend From a Lord of the Rings FX Wizard

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Greg Vilk, FX wizard on such movies as Lord of the Rings and Shrek, has penned a thrill ride with his debut novel, Golem.

Greg Vilk, who was a technical director of visual effects on such movies as Lord of the Rings, Shrek, Day After Tomorrow, and Aeon Flux, has penned a supernatural thrill ride with his debut novel, Golem.

As befits the cinematic background of the author, the book serves up chapter after chapter of striking imagery and a roller-coaster action plot. Set in Greenland during World War II, the novel tells the story of a U.S. Rangers commando sent to capture a Nazi base concealed deep in the Arctic fjords. When the Rangers arrive, they find that the German crew has been massacred and the the lone, fear-stricken survivor hallucinates about ghosts in the snow. The Rangers soon find out that they're not alone in the base and that they're confronted with a deadly, invisible force which can breathe life into non-living matter.

The novel hearkens back to the legend of the golem, a creature from medieval Jewish tales. Famously created by rabbi Loew of Prague, the golem was an artificial being endowed with life by means of a secret incantation. The golem legend, a precursor of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, to this day remains a vivid, cautionary tale of a human creation slipping terribly out of control.

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