Business Strategic Planning: What’s It Going to Be? Are You Going to Repeat History or Create It?

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In the spirit of new beginnings, offers a self-assessment test designed to help business leaders determine if their personal and corporate goals are truly ‘visionary’. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of, as well as Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, and Oprah Winfrey have undoubtedly passed the test. Can you?

"Put yourself in the shoes of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of You have the idea to create a new kind of business, something the likes of which the world has never seen before. You are starting from scratch, have absolutely no market presence, and are competing in a dynamic, electronic world defined by an unquenchable demand for timely and accurate information. To say that the deck is stacked against you is an understatement," says Gary Ryan Blair, an international strategic planner and’s senior partner.

"Yet, within a few lightning quick years, they found themselves sitting on top of the mountain. They have created the most recognized brand name on the Internet, become a pair of the richest men on the face of the planet, and been crowned by many as "the kings of search and e-commerce," Blair says.

Their success, according to Blair, is at least in part a result of what he calls truly visionary thinking - the application of "The Big Bang" theory to the goal setting process. "Larry Page and Sergey Brin offer an ideal example of how visionary people and companies often use an over-the-top mission as a powerful mechanism to stimulate robust progress." he says.

What constitutes a Big Bang in the world of business?

What Blair refers to as the "Bang" in The Big Bang paradigm is an acronym for a "Bold, Ambitious, Noble Goal." Whether applied to one’s personal life, career or business venture, Blair believes the internalization of the concept can create a monumental, quantum-leap in performance and profitability.

Are you ready for a Big Bang? The following set of questions is provided to help business leaders determine not only if a present goal falls in the realm of the "Big Bang" paradigm but, perhaps more importantly, whether they are up to its achievement.

The "Big Bang" Assessment

1. (Yes No) Does the idea of committing to this goal make you really nervous?

2. (Yes No) Will the goal raise an inordinate level of fear of failure and internal resistance?

3. (Yes No) Will the goal’s implementation illuminate your weaknesses as well as the weaknesses of your staff?

4. (Yes No) Will the goal require you and your staff to go beyond the boundaries of standard operating procedures to truly work outside the box of conventional thinking?

5. (Yes No) Will the goal’s achievement require the expenditure of an unprecedented amount of energy and momentum?

6. (Yes No) Would you characterize the goal’s achievement as something of a miracle?

7. (Yes No) Will the goal’s implementation and attainment require a fundamental transformation in you and your staff?

8. (Yes No) Will the pursuit of this goal profoundly affect your lifestyle?.

9. (Yes No) Will the goal be costly, well beyond the company’s current or projected budget?

10. (Yes No) Will the achievement of this goal demand great personal sacrifice?

11. (Yes No) Is the goal something that you and your staff are going to be absolutely convinced is noble? and must be accomplished?

12. (Yes No) Do you believe that the goal must be accomplished?

According to Blair, if you answered "No" to even one of these questions, you have a problem. Either the goal itself doesn’t meet the aforementioned criteria or the people tasked with the responsibility for its achievement are not up to the task. If the answer to all of these questions is an unqualified "Yes", Blair believes you may be on the verge of an achievement beyond the wildest dreams of even the most aggressive of your competitors.

"Whether you've put together your strategic plan for 2006 or not, the real question should be whether you are are going to repeat history or create it. So what's it going to be: "The Big Bang" or business as usual?" he asks.

About Gary Ryan Blair. Gary Ryan Blair is a goal setting strategist whose company services the needs of more than 80.000 organizations including the likes of IBM, NASA, General Electric, Federal Express, and Ford. As a strategic advisor his company,, now services the needs of 80,000 international organizations and over 4,000,000 individual users and subscribers. He has established and sponsored two nationally recognized events: Youth Goals Education Week, a unique opportunity for kids and teens to learn about goal setting and its influence on their future, and New Year's Resolutions Week, a series of activities designed to encourage young and old to set goals for their lives.

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