Merry UN-Christmas: Should The United Nation's 'Sacred Earth' Celebration Replace Christmas?

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While lawyers and legislators are busy eliminating any mention of Christmas, the UN is hard at work promoting its own its own version of the "Ark of the Covenant."

Christmas is a time for children…and their political indoctrination, at least according to the United Nations, chief supporter of what’s known as the “Earth Charter.”

States Joe Klein, author of “Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom,” (World Ahead Publishing; hardcover: $27.95; ISBN 0974670146), “The UN actually has its own religious commandments for our children, ones that are being taught in our schools at every level. While the ACLU and others are trying to wipe Christmas off the face of the American landscape, the UN is busy fobbing off the nonsensical Earth Charter as a replacement for the Ten Commandments."

The Earth Charter movement touts itself as promoting “Values and Principles for a Sustainable Future.” The Charter itself even has its own "Ark of Hope" in imitation of the Ark of the Covenant, a revered religious artifact. But in reality, it’s a religious movement that’s a blueprint for chaos.

“Parents should be up in arms over the UN’s encroachment into our schools,” says Klein, whose book “Global Deception” highlights examples of the UN’s efforts to indoctrinate children. “From top to bottom, this movement is sheer nonsense. It wraps laudable goals – respect for others, environmental awareness – into a touchy-feely package that has nothing to do with teaching kids valuable lessons about personal responsibility and everything to do with promoting the UN’s goal of world government.”

Joe Klein continues, “According to the Earth Charter website, here’s what we must do ‘to save the world: respect nature, respect human rights, organise that everyone has what they need and always lives in peace.” All lovely sentiments - who’s paying for it? But there’s more. “The Earth Charter must be law for all countries and all peoples.” Which means, says Klein, the end of national sovereignty and the ability of free nations to set their own course through duly elected representatives. “The Earth Charter is nothing less than a blueprint for world government, which is why the UN and Kofi Annan endorse it heartily.”

And the Earth Charter movement takes itself seriously indeed. Take “The Ark of Hope”, a custom-made chest carried around as a publicity stunt. “This Ark of Idiocy was, I’m sorry to say, designed and built here in America, which goes to show just how far this foolishness has gone,” Klein continues. “Children from around the world created the artwork that adorns it, but adults were very much responsible for the gibberish carried within.”

So what’s wrong with promoting peace, love, and understanding? “Plenty, when you’re doing it via a box the carrying poles of which are ‘unicorn horns which render evil ineffective.’ How can thinking, rational people take this seriously?”

The upshot? “As ‘Global Deception’ demonstrates over and over, the UN has every intention of forcing the United States to acquiesce to world governance. That’s why the fight to keep Christmas - and the timeless principles this holiday reflects - is so vitally important.”

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