Americans Believe in the Real Estate Bubble

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Is the real estate bubble real? survey respondents (66.3%) believe there is a real estate bubble. Keep it quiet though: 44.7% of believers wish you wouldn’t even talk about it.

Is the real estate bubble real or is it all media hype? Over two-thirds (67%) of Americans believe there really is a real estate bubble, according to a recent survey by, a leading real estate advice and information site.

With U.S. residential real estate valued at over $18.6 trillion, the question of whether there is a real estate bubble is a sensitive one. In fact, a large percentage of respondents to the survey (44.7%) indicated that people shouldn't talk about a real estate bubble because the more they talk about it, the more likely there will be panic selling that will lower property values. The respondents are concerned that simply discussing the real estate bubble might create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Of the survey respondents who believe there is a real estate bubble, just 18.1% believe the bubble will burst within six months. Accordingly, the other 81.9% of those respondents who believe a real estate bubble exists think the bubble won’t burst for at least six months. Another 41.3% indicated that the bubble won’t burst for at least a year and the balance (40.6%) predicted a real estate bubble would burst six to twelve months from now.

“In recent years, home-price appreciation has been running far ahead of rates of inflation, wage increases, and national economic growth,” says Ilyce Glink, real estate expert and editor. “Real estate is a huge part of the typical American family’s net worth, so it’s important to assess whether Americans believe their net worth is here to stay or is at risk of steep decline. For better or worse, when it comes to real estate, perception is often nine-tenths of reality.”

The survey also asked those polled what effect a real estate bubble burst might have on the economy. Of those who believe there is a bubble, the majority of respondents (57.6%) said they think a real estate bubble burst will have a mildly negative effect on the economy. Nearly a quarter (24.6%) of respondents have a more dire view, predicting a massively negative effect on the economy. Interestingly, 16.8% of the respondents who think the real estate bubble will burst believe it will actually be good for the economy.

Respondents voiced varied opinions on the topic of a real estate bubble. “The real estate bubble has got to burst. The housing prices in the suburbs are outrageous,” wrote a survey participant who lives outside of Washington DC. A Chicago-area resident voiced a similar opinion: “I can't wait for it to burst! I'm waiting to buy my first place, and current prices here in Chicago just seem unrealistic.”

Many comments from survey respondents suggest a widespread belief that discussing the possible existence of a real estate bubble may actually lead to a bubble burst. “I think that real estate has become inflated, but a bubble would be the result of self-fulfilling prophecy,” wrote one survey participant. “I don't think there would be a bubble if the media and those who drive the media didn't hype it so much,” opined another survey participant.

The survey was conducted by in November 2005. Exactly 475 individuals responded. For more information about the Real Estate Bubble Burst survey, contact Ilyce Glink at (847) 835-3450 or email [email protected] Survey results, including free-form comments from respondents, are available at

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