Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Reveals Why Most Home Based Business Start Ups Fail

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Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino reveals why the overwhelming majority of new home based business owners fail. He offers a solution for those that continue to fail, and those destined to fail. Matching a business model with your abilities, commitment, and the time you have to work your business is paramount.

Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino revealed why 95% of new home based business start ups fail. The revelation came while Marino was hosting a live conference call for the Coastal Vacations Sales Center. The live Q&A conference calls are an integral part of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center system. To learn more about the system go to

The failure rate is a dirty little secret that those who market home based business opportunities have concealed for years. Most new home based business owners would never invest their hard earned money to start a business, if they realized they only had a 5% chance of ever making a profit


The number one reason most start ups fail is that business owners unwittingly enter a business that requires that they sell. They lack the required sales skills, and they have no desire or aptitude to learn how to sell. Why do so many people enter a sales business without possessing the required skills? The problem is most home based businesses tout themselves by saying there is no selling involved.

Over the years "selling systems" have been developed whereby the home based business marketer sends leads to websites that explain the benefits of the product. Some even have fancy flash movies that convey the information, Auto-responders are used to keep sales pitches via email in front of the leads. What all of those elaborate systems have in common, is that after one or several exposures to the "selling system," the home based business owner must call the prospect, and ask for the money. When someone calls the client to ask for the sale, and of course the money, I call that person a salesperson.

Why don't these home based business opportunities come clean and call their associates salespeople? Simple, marketing experts say that 95% of all home based business owners hate to sell. Referring to their associates as salespeople would be like advertising a dentist's services as "extremely painful, but fast." That's not what most people are looking for.

Since 95% of home based business owners hate to sell, it's not surprising that about 95% of all new home based business entrepreneurs fail to make any money.

On the conference call Marino described a revolutionary sales system that is changing those statistics in favor of the home based business owner this year. In the age of computers and the information super highway, the magic missing ingredient in the other "so called" systems is amazingly simple. The ingredient is humans. Not just any humans, but highly skilled salespeople who are well paid, and motivated to make the sale.

The amiable staff has been hand picked because of their solid ability and experience. They take the calls, present the business and products, they then, follow up to close, collect the money, and ship the products. Members utilizing their services get a check for nothing less than $1,000 for each sale closed on their behalf. Those utilizing the system concentrate on marketing, and getting prospects to call an 800 number with a unique ID number.

Clear Business Solutions chose the Coastal Vacations travel products for marketing at their professionally staffed call center. It was an exhaustive search of home based business opportunities that led them to the Coastal Vacations travel products. Coastal Vacations has been selling lifetime vacation memberships for over 26 years, and has offered the home based business opportunity for over 10 years. Travel has universal appeal and is the world's largest industry. The Coastal Vacations product has great value, and the minimum $1,000 profit margin means that clients could earn a better than average income with just one sale a week.

The tremendous growth of the Sales Center has smashed sales records at Coastal Vacations. In less than a year they have become the largest marketer of Coastal Vacations travel products worldwide.

.In August, the Sales Center, released a fast paced flash movie, and launched a new website at They also launched the live Discovery Q&A calls and increased their staff of professional sales representatives. They outgrew their original location, and moved to a larger, expandable office in Tempe Arizona.

September brought more improvements and accolades, as the company moved website hosting to an in-house server. The Coastal Vacations Sales Center's unprecedented success was all the buzz at Coastal's biannual conference at Disney's Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World. Over 450 Coastal associates from around the globe gathered at the September event, and many of the most successful associates were members of the Sales Center.

At potential new members can learn more about the business, membership levels, and travel products. They can even listen to recorded testimonials from actual Sales Center members and are invited to join live interactive conference calls. On the conference calls prospective business owners will learn how the Coastal Vacations Sales Center compares to other home based businesses, and why so many are enjoying success with the Sales Center. They will learn how to avoid the pitfalls that doom other business owners, and even have an opportunity to get answers to their questions.


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