Full Figured Women - More Then Meets The Eye

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Due to a fashion industry and Hollywood standards the bar of being considered full figured is getting lower and lower. Majority of full figured women are healthy, vibrant, sexy and tired of being told how to look.

Above average, you bet. There is absolutely nothing average about full figured women.

Today, the average woman is size 14 and considered full figured. Every day we are slammed with images of pale, ribs showing movie stars and supermodels.

They try to tell us that skinny is beautiful, sexy and desirable. Boy, are they wrong. Ask an average man and he’ll tell you that he prefers his woman with curves and substance.

Have you ever noticed how many of these super skinny women are actually smiling. I mean real smiles that come from within not that fake “I’m so happy because I’m skinny” smile.

The truth is skinny is not beautiful nor sexy – healthy and confident is beautiful and sexy.

The other day I noticed in one of the many Tabloid magazines picture of Beyonce. She looked absolutely ravishing, healthy and truly happy. Underneath the picture was a tiny article in which she was called Full Figured. Image that , Beyonce is full figured. So if she’s considered full figured what that makes us, women over size 16?

It makes us above average and we’re proud of it. Let’s look at the actual meaning for ABOVE AVERAGE – “in a higher place”, “on top of” or my personal favorite “better or more than”.

Yes, we are not average, we are healthier and happier. We have better self-esteem, we are more giving, nurturing and loving and we are tired of some people feeling sorry for us.

Don’t underestimate us, we just have it all. Best of all, we know how to have fun and how to laugh aloud. When we go to a restaurant we don’t have to split a salad, we will order what we want and when we want it. And guess what? We don’t even feel guilty afterwards.

We’ve been prosecuted by the fashion industry for way too long. I’m happy to report that more and more designers and manufacturers are realizing that we’re here, we’re beautiful and we’re tired to dress like bag ladies.

Few years ago, there was almost no selection of clothing for full figured women. And if there was something available we were penalized by paying more. Really, how much more fabric and work it took for the manufacturer to make clothing articles a little bit larger. They knew that we’re desperate and that we’ll pay more just to have some selection and color in our closets.

It makes me sad that some designers and manufacturers still try to make bigger profits on us above average women.Times are changing and the clothing selection and fair prices are available for all women equally.

Above average woman has a lot of choices these days. If we’re looking for a cute top, designer pair of jeans or a beautiful and sexy lingerie it’s there for us. We don’t have to feel like a Cinderella before the ball anymore. We can feel sexy and in charge with all the beautiful lacy lingerie and corsets made just for us.

And the best part is that with our busy lifestyles all this beautiful and fashionable clothing is just a click away. The cyber space is filled with great online stores with high quality above average clothing and lingerie.

One of them offering beautiful plus size lingerie, corsets, dresses and active wear is Full Figured Fashion. So next time you’re browsing around type in http://www.fullfiguredfashion.com and see what’s new and what’s hot.


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