Romance Author Frederick A. Babb Returns With a Completely New Book

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Frederick A. Babb has become one of the quickest rising authors in recent times. His romance novels are unparalleled in success and in storylines. He is currently gearing up for the release of his fifth book, "7 Seconds Till Eternity." It promises to be unlike anything he has written to date. We recently were able to conduct an interview with this author who, three years after is debut success “Unforgettable” still seems as full of illusion for writing as the first day.

Recently Frederick A. Babb chatted with Sevilla Press. He explained the details of his much awaited new novel and also talked about several other projects he is working on. As always, his interviews provided insight and a flavor of his unique humor.

It had been almost a year since he released his last book. Now, he is coming back with a differnt type of novel. For an author that rose to fame with successful romance novels, we were intrigued as to why the sudden change. His new book, “7 Seconds Till Eternity” is far removed from romance and deals with a look at death and the afterworld. We asked him what caused him to change genres.

”My first love is and always will be romance novels, he explained. “There is nothing more genuine and beautiful in the world than experiencing love. However, I am always attempting to challenge myself and my readers. When I first started writing “7 Seconds Till Eternity” I was on vacation in Southern Spain. I wanted something different to break from the romance genre. After reading the wonderful novel, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom, I decided I wanted to do something that gives us reflection on life. That book was so simple, yet so impacting on how events in live make us who we are during the course of it.”

Frederick explained to us the connection between the 7 seconds and eternity. ”The seven seconds between life and death represent the seven deadly sins of humans; one second for each sin,” Frederick told us. “It was a connection in all that we are guilty of and all we must answer to when we leave this world. The reality of life is that we are all guilty to some degree of these sins. It is only human nature to want more, to enjoy more, to be more.”

After telling us about this project, we inquired how the second installment of his much herald Spanish romance trilogy, “Spanish Passion”. The first installment, Running of the Bulls, was a commercial success that for him and his fans seemed to be impatient with the release of the next chapter of this passionate Spanish romance.

”I was astounded with the success the first installment, Running of the Bulls, had with my fans,” he confessed. “Having lived in Spain almost half of my life, I thought it would be fun to share some of my experiences with the readers. Never did I imagine it to be the book for which I was most held reference to. I am currently working on the second installment, “Spanish Passion”. It promises to provide more insight to life in Spain while intertwining the romance between Efigenia and Peter.

He went on to say why he was especially excited about this particular book. “I have many reasons to look forward to this next book. First, after the success of the first installment, I have had many letters from readers waiting with anticipation for the second book. Receiving this positive feedback inspires me to make this book the very best, because the readers cannot be disappointed. Apart from this, I am excited with working with professional model Gina Marie Ferraro ( She is a breath of fresh air. She is multi-talented and has done television as well as radio. Currently she is working on the Morning Mess show on 94.5 FM in Dayton Ohio. I find her approach to life unique. If all things were as pleasurable as working with her, life would be a bowl of cherries.”

On the subject of covers, it is well know that he is an author that prides himself in designing his own book covers. We asked him if he thought this attention to detail was somewhat of a burden that he would rather have the publishers do.

”In all actuality, I prefer to design my own covers versus having someone else do so,” he commented. “Being the author of the books, I feel as if I know exactly what the storyline is and what best represents it. Being given the opportunity to provide this personal touch to each of my books is rewarding in the creative process sense of it all.”

He concluded the interview saying that he truly wanted to thank all his fans for making his books the success they have been. “I owe all I have earned to them, for without them I am nobody in the writing world. Millions of thanks to each one," he summed up his gratefulness.

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