Give Until It Hurts, The 12 Days of Debtmas

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Will credit addicted shoppers exceed last years record $108 billion Christmas shopping season? “Credit cards are the crack cocaine of the credit industry," author Jon Hanson writes. Hanson says the merchants of debt are ready to "hook-up" plastic addicts. Registers rang sales at $43,000 per second last year from Black Friday to Christmas.

“It’s hard to give your heart to Jesus, when your butt belongs to MasterCard.” writes Jon Hanson, in Good Debt, Bad Debt. Lost in the frenetic marketing is what Christmas is really about, to give with meaning—and to give within your means. Should you buy Christmas gifts for others, when you are broke? The answer could depend on who you ask. The merchants of debt have created a culture of spend, spend, SPEND, promoting “giving” as the laudable and altruistic thing to do; and usually it is. However, accruing debt just so you can pass out trinkets and baubles for Christmas is like intentionally ingesting bad cholesterol. Perhaps it won’t have an immediate effect, but the long term health (or financial) consequences can be disastrous.

“Ultimately, we can give more when we take care of ourselves and our families first. If we don’t, we may not be around financially to help others.” says Hanson.

Example: the flight attendant announces, “In case of a loss of cabin pressure, a mask like this will drop down. Place it over your head like this, (as he/she demonstrates). Be sure to place the mask over your face and breath normally first, before assisting others.”

Implicit in the flight attendant’s directions are: “You may not be conscious to help others if you do not take care of yourself first.” The flight attendant is giving directions you should be hearing from your financial planner. If you are in a Debtabetic Coma what good are you to yourself or loved ones?

Are you still paying for anything from any Christmas’ past? Recall Lexus’ December to Remember? Many have 49 more months to remember. Should we take joy in receiving a gift that we know the giver will be paying payments to MasterCard or another merchant of debt for months or years to come?

Black Friday last year consumers engaged in a 29 day (November 26th to December 25th) spending orgy leaving many gasping for financial breath. For a sarcastic look at the 12 Daze of Debtmas (flash presentation) go to you may also download the 12 Days of Debtmas audio free of charge from this link.

The 12 Daze of Debtmas, is taped royalty free content, offered free of charge as a PSA. It may be downloaded from the audio link above.

2004 29 Day Frenzy:

$108 billion dollars

$3.7 billion per day

$155 million per hour

$2.5 million per minute

$43,000 per second


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