Canadian Company Vbuzzer Challenges Skype on Their Proprietary Approach

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Canadian company Vbuzzer challenges Skype on their propietary approach maintaining that open standard is best for all VoIP users.

Canadian company Vbuzzer challenges Skype on the use of their proprietary approach, maintaining their position that an open standard protocol is best for VoIP users.

Vbuzzer is challenging the proprietary protocol many VoIP companies are using which has left users vulnerable to security holes, virus attack, memory leaks, abnormal port activities and paying for inferior quality. “We are appealing to every VoIP provider to employ an open standard protocol,” says Mike Mu, President of Softroute Corporation the developers of Vbuzzer. “What a nightmare it would be if we had to use different protocols to browse AOL or Yahoo online, but that is exactly what is happening in the VoIP world. Users suffer from incompatibility across the network. It’s absolutely ridiculous when companies like Skype use their own proprietary protocols and then have to convert to SIP when user’s call “out”. There’s a lot of lost quality,” insists Mu. The recent announcement by Yahoo and MSN to interconnect their IM and VoIP networks endorses Mu’s argument.

With Vbuzzer leading the charge toward adopting open standard protocols VoIP users will ultimately benefit in the same way that adopting the http standard did for web users. According to Mu, VoIP will inevitably become a service similar to today’s web mail. You go to a provider’s website such as and sign up for a free basic service. Vbuzzer offers free calls between users, voicemail, caller I.D. and ring tones. Premium service to Buzzout includes 1 cent a minute rates to twenty countries and Buzzout Canada/US unlimited for less than $10.00 a month, Vbuzzer is also offering 30 free long distance minutes on sign up. With these prices and commitment to users, Vbuzzer is the people’s VoIP.

As VoIP technology has continued to evolve has recently included enhancements to their soft phone and messenger suite. Vbuzzer Messenger employs the open standard XMPP protocol. In addition to further performance quality, Vbuzzer softphone has added many user friendly functions, such as account balance display, personal greeting, customized ring tones, and multiple codec support. “We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm users of Vbuzzer are showing. They love the quality and that there are no painful lags in service. Users prefer the open protocol because they can incorporate their own software and devices that are SIP based,” continues Mu.

Vbuzzer is released through Softroute Corporation. Since 2002, Softroute Corporation has played an active role in the new paradigm shift within telecommunications to Internet based communication applications. Softroute Corporation continues to evolve and define the way people communicate around the globe, making its mission to enable people to VoIP the world for free.

Softroute's leading position is further enhanced by venture funding from a prestigious Canadian asset management firm.


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