Holiday Stress Relief from a Unique New Wellness Device

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The most advanced personal energy system available today, this designer pendant is scientifically proven to promote less stress, more energy, greater focus and an enhanced well being just by wearing it.

The holiday blues can be serious. The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration with family and friends. However, the demands of shopping, financial constraints, parties, family gatherings (and sometimes family strife), and house guests can often add stress. Sometimes there’s just no time to relax from stress, but anyone can wear a Q-Link.

William Tiller, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Materials Science and Engineering Department, Guggenheim Fellow, author of Science and Human Transformation and recent interviewee in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” has personally designed and run scientific studies on the Q-Link and states that “Q-Link type products will be an important part of humanity’s future.”

This is the launch of the third generation Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™). It can be understood by imagining a tuning fork that vibrates at a certain pitch. Similarly, the Q-Link is tuned to optimize the human energy system through resonance, using these subtle energy frequencies to strengthen and balance your body’s energy system.

If this sounds like new-age quackery, it’s because this technology is still in its infancy, with theories to understand its function rooted in quantum physics, but the effects shown by scientific studies by top internationally recognized scientists include:

  •      Doctors who tested the Q-Link found that it instantaneously amplified healthy energy states and decreased energy drains caused by a wide variety of stressors.
  •     In brainwave studies (EEG), the Q-Link reduced the harmful effects of EMFs -- the fields around computers, cell phones and other wireless and electronic devices.
  •     World-class athletes reported that the Q-Link improved their mental focus and endurance, giving them a significant competitive edge.
  •     In live blood studies, the Q-Link led to greater cellular integrity and more efficient blood oxygenation.

These effects promote improved abilities to cope with stress, mentally and physically, a quicker return to centered emotional balance, improved energy, more restful sleep, and increased mental focus and clarity -- all welcome aids to handling holiday stress.

Sirxia is a premier distributor of the Q-Link in the US. For more information, user experiences and a free report on Stress and Your Health, go to

Contact Information: Karl Thomas, Q Energies, or 631-421-4901

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