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It is never too late to start over. With the ever increasing number of computers in millions of homes around the world, the land of opportunity may be right in your own living room.

A few years ago I suffered a heart attack and was no longer able to do construction work. I was considered a senior citizen at age 60 by most of the construction work force. The odds of being trained to be self-supportive again at my age were strongly against me. I wasn’t ready to call it quits either. My mind was still fairly sound. I could still think for myself so I knew there was something I could do. I’m not a brilliant person, but almost anyone knows computers are our future. If I didn’t want to get lost in the scrapbooks of yesterday I better get busy and make something happen. I felt the key to my future must be hidden somewhere in the computer world. I purchased a computer and got my niece to show me how to turn it and go online.

I had a strong desire to write books and now I had the time. "What are you waiting for?" I asked myself. I learned from watching Public Broadcasting shows on TV and a few books I checked out from my local library about Creative Writing. I wrote my first book partly truth, partly fiction about the experiences in my life and the lives of others I met through the years. Living on a fixed income I didn't have any money to spare to promote my book. I searched the web for publishers. It wasn’t easy facing all the rejections l received when I solicited my manuscript. One thing that stood out in my mind was what I heard one of the writers on a program I was watching one day say. “Don’t get discouraged. You just have to keep on keeping on.” I determined in my mind not to accept failure in my life, temporary setbacks maybe, but never failure.

After submitting my manuscript to many publishers in the US I got lucky. I found a publisher for my first book “The Last Train Home. ISBN# 1-59129-694-3” I didn’t get rich over night, but I didn’t expect too. I had found someone willing to publish me and that was the reward I was seeking. The more I learned how to use the computer, the easier it was to find publishers online who publish my books for free and they will do the same for anyone. I am in the process of finishing my fourth novel. So in reality my life began at 60. I will share the experience I gained with anyone wishing information about writing and getting published for free. Your book can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, recipes you’ve collected through the years, or even a how to handy book. It really doesn’t matter. Check out my website and you will see I’m telling the truth. You can get published for free. I hope if you find my information helpful you might consider buying one of my books, but don’t worry if you don’t. I will still share my information for free. You are never under any obligation to buy anything from me. Thank you, Wayne Bryant.


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