The Databaser, Inc. Launches User Friendly Database Tool

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A recently launched software package, THE DATABASER (TDB), is remarkably easy to use, flexible, affordable and requires no knowledge of code to develop original software applications. TDB is available for a free 30-day trial at

The Databaser, Inc. has taken a unique approach to creating database management applications. The result, a recently launched software package called, appropriately enough, TheDatabaser (TDB). TheDatabaser is remarkably easy to use, flexible, affordable and requires no knowledge of code to develop original software applications. TDB is available for a free 30-day trial at The current introductory price for the full version is $229 and $49 for the Lite version.

Until recently, database management software essentially addressed the needs of large corporations and organizations, which, due to the sheer size and complexity of their operations, provided a lucrative market for software companies. From the perspective of small to medium sized companies and organizations, as well as developers and the average user, however, this software was invariably complex, expensive, bulky, and required technical expertise for innovations. Needless to say, this market was largely bypassed.

The Databaser, Inc. chose another direction in developing software applications for this market. Most application software is highly specific in what it does, or takes the gargantuan, bulky, overkill route in an attempt to anticipate every possible need (which, of course, in a rapidly changing business environment, it often can’t).

TDB begins where the organization wants to begin, and permits it to add additional applications, in house and on the fly, as desired. Database applications are built with tables held in other applications, or by utilizing TDB’s “Database Utility” to create them, with the assistance of a wizard. Once these tables are structured and populated, one develops what TDB calls “Intelligent Screens.” Here the components needed to display and process the data in database tables are assembled. In some of these components, some will want to place command codes, which are selected from a menu, again with the assistance of a wizard. The critical point is that knowledge of code or a programming language – C#, C++, SQL, Visual Basic, etc – is not necessary.

A fashion-clothing supplier in New Jersey with a large and growing domestic and overseas market, found its information flow increasingly difficult to control, leading to problems of ordering, supplying, costing, inventorying, and manufacturing. Worse still, difficulties in analyzing and anticipating the needs of its customers were proving increasingly daunting. The software in use by the company, though a well-known name brand, was found to be uniformly complex, expensive, and requiring outside technical consultants to obtain the timely, innovative, fashion specific applications and information desired. Too often, it was necessary to forego a promising avenue because of the time constraints, costs, and complexity involved.

With knowledge of code unnecessary, the company found that with TDB, members of its administrative staff were able to create new and unique database applications, even on the go and in real time. This was particularly true for the marketing and sales staffs, and in services for customers. The information flow was far better managed, in no small measure because of the ease in developing new database applications as needed.

TDB also offers powerful, easy to use multimedia and touch screen capabilities, which a nationwide motor oil company and the archives division of a large New York county have successfully used. The motor oil company sought to quickly, easily and cost effectively program its touch screen promotional displays in store outlets nationwide, while the archives division wanted the ability to offer access to deeds and wills, at the control of viewer visitors. Similarly, a popular ice cream parlor in Florida uses the screens as a cash register to place customer orders, as well as provide product information for operational finances, inventory, and the ordering of supplies. Again, the in-house creation of new applications as needed or desired, even in real time has greatly improved services and operations.

TDB also contains an excellent Query Builder, a Report Writer/Chart Builder, and a highly useful import/export feature which allows it to interact with most other database platforms – MS Access, Excel, DB2, Oracle and many more.

When using TDB, applications can be created, changed and modified. Then distributed to clients and other users to be viewed and used by employing TDB-Lite. The Lite version was created for people that wanted to use TheDatabaser to create custom database applications and to distribute these applications without the need for the user to purchase the full-blown version. TDB-Lite is currently being sold for $49.

The Databaser, Inc. is also seeking affiliates. Interested parties can contact the company via e-mail at

Reviews and comments are invited regarding TDB.

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