Coastal Vacations Director Taking Advantage of 5.4 Trillion Dollar Industry: This May Be the Smartest Decision Ron Holmes Has Ever Made

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Coastal Vacations Director is taking advantage of the travel industry, a 5.4 trillion dollar industry, predicted to increase by 23% annually.

Most of us think that when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But, perhaps just this once, that is simply not the case.

Just ask Ron Holmes who, upon hearing about this chance of a lifetime, decided to delve further and what he learned is, much to his delight, a home-based business that is legitimate, legal, extremely profitable and does not involve pyramid marketing or cold-calling and hard sales.

Instead, what it does involve is an in-demand product that few people can pass up.

It’s Coastal Vacations, an 11-year old success story that provides hundreds of thousands of people with enjoyable vacations every year. And Holmes, like a handful of intuitive others, is cashing in on these vacation sales and you can, too!

What’s more, you’re likely to sign-up for one of your own vacations for they truly are hard to steer clear of. And therein lies the very success of Coastal Vacations, for its product, extraordinary vacations at great prices, sale themselves.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Coastal Vacations boasts stability, not multi-level marketing, low up-front investment, no hidden or unexpected start-up costs, support and training utilizing a stable, proven system, a desirable product with real value, and finally, unmatched profit potential.

Furthermore, there are no residuals, no commission splitting. And, once a director with Coastal Vacations, there’s no commission sharing with anyone else.

An association of entrepreneurs, professionals and home-based business owners who share a dedication for providing the highest quality vacation values on the market today, the Coastal Vacations team is tapping into one of the world’s most lucrative trends, travel. And, according to John Naisbitt, author of “Global Paradox” and the world’s leading authority on trends, the travel industry is hot, currently doing nearly $5 trillion annually, making it the world’s largest industry.

Realizing this, the association’s Board of Directors researched, developed and nurtured strong professional relationships with travel companies that possessed a proven track record of customer satisfaction and industry credibility. The result? Coastal Vacations and its Direct-to-Consumer Travel Packages.

And, it didn’t take Holmes long to follow suit and today he is enjoying promoting his own Coastal Vacations program, appropriately called Success and Travel. This program allows Holmes to offer a professional call center, which helps in closing the sales for consumers and delivering the vacation product to the consumer.

Through the use of a dedicated Call Center. Some Directors are already making up to $5,000 a week, with others bringing in $100,000 in just four months. A one-time membership fee is charged for use of the Call Center’s professional team, which closes the deal and sends out the commission checks. In fact, the Coastal Call Center oversees follow-ups, presentations, and the securing of the vacation package. The real plus: the Coastal Director is freed up to the necessary task of marketing and advertising. And, let’s face it, when it’s unbelievable travel and vacations being sold, it doesn’t take much of that!

Through the retail sales of the Coastal Travel Packages, offering unlimited vacations for life, this is appealing to people nearing retirement age (and even those younger, such as the baby boomers), as well as to businesses looking to offer unique incentives and rewards to employees, using an unlimited supply of vacation/travel certificates. Non-profit organizations and churches are also finding this a great way to raise money through raffles.

Considering this, it’s easy to see how Holmes’ Success and Travel program is sure to be, as the name says, a huge success!

Fortunately for you, he is looking for motivated individuals in search of financial freedom and unparalleled success to join him. The only pre-requisite is the desire to market a valuable, in-demand product, and a strong drive to succeed. From there, you can get started with Coastal Vacations’ Level I package, for an investment of less than $2,000 (and this package has a retail value of $15,000.00), making it about the price of just one of the cruises in the package.

The Level II package is the international package, with hundreds of international destinations to choose from. Worth more than $20,000, this package is available for just $4,995.00.

In fact, it only takes one sale after your two training sales to get almost all of your investment back. That’s right. Just two sales after training and you are in profit mode.

So if its financial freedom you’re after or perhaps you’re simply determined to pay off your escalating debt, Coastal Vacations can make your once seemingly lofty dream come true!

Or, if you’re ready to work from the comfort of your own home and set your own hours and your own pace, if you’re ready to take charge of your life and your finances, turn to Ron Holmes of Coastal Vacations; and what have they found, you ask? Financial independence and success!

About Ron Holmes: The Holmes family recently relocated to Minnesota from Colorado. Ron and his wife are enjoying raising two children, ages 4 and 13.

With both parents working full-time jobs, it only made sense to develop an income stream from home, using their computer, to supplement their income. This helps pay for the ever increasing costs of daycare and healthcare. And who knows, there may come a time hopefully sooner than later, that their work commutes can be measured in feet rather than miles.

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