H2 AND H1 Hummers with the Duramax/Allion were being inspected by GM at the 2005 SEMA show at the Predator Motor Sports Booth

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Predator Motor Sports answered all questions by GM at the recent SEMA show in Las Vegas Nevada, Predator Motor Sports had two very special Hummmers with the Duramax, Allison combination, a 2002 H1 and 2005 H2. Is GM now reconsidering its entry into this Market?

This 2005 SEMA show was the official introduction of two Duramax/Allison conversions. Predator Motor Sports from San Marcos California was busy with press from all around the world, General Motors and AM General, showing and sharing what Predator refers to the OE conversion. These are 2 wheel four wheel drive Hummers that get truly unbelievable fuel economy.

"Predator does not change the structural integrity of the Hummer, and this is the key in our conversion," stated Mark Robinson the Director of Marketing for Predator. "There is not a body modification and the structural integrity that GM put into this vehicle is not changed."

The Hummer conversions look factory and we would like anyone who would like to drive one to please contact us.

These are long range Hummers that are very powerful; they are being used as a starting point for companies who build security cars. Do to their power and torque which is an unusual combination for a long range vehicle that can hold a great deal of weight or pull weight and still move quickly states Ryan Wilson the President of Predator.

Predator has been involved in this project for the past 18 months and funded and contributed hundreds of hours of time, RD and corporate resources to two separate groups and in the end the group from California one hands down and now has a joint venture with Predator in certain phases of the conversion.

Predator is also upgrading the breaking system on the H1 and H2 as well as many other components in the Hummer so you get a better riding, quiet vehicle.

Predator is now taking in cars from all over the world from customers and is also building a few custom cars for its own inventory for sale. Our problem is we just don’t have the time at this point to work on an inventory were so busy with customers vehicles stated Dan Wilson the Vice President of Predator.

The Standard Conversion Package Includes:

A Duramax Diesel 6.6 Turbocharged & Intercooled Engine

Allison M1000 Transmission

NVG Selectable 2wd-4wd Transfer Case

Custom 4" Exhaust System

Custom Radiator & Cooling System

Custom Turbo Intercooler

Fuel Cooler


Wire Harness

Predator also has the following upgrades for the Power Plant:

An Upgraded ECM

Digital Power Chip Systems

Larger injectors

High-Pressure Turbo- up to 60 psi.

Performance Fuel Management Computer

Performance Transmission Computer

Billet Triple Lock Torque Converter

Allison M1000 Performance Transmission Upgrade

Water Injection

Propane Injection

Nitrous Injection

Exhaust Brake

Custom Exhaust Systems

Engine Dress Kit

We offer a range of customized Allison transmissions featuring:

Advanced controls for precise, more efficient, faster, smoother shifts.

Grade Braking- allowing for increased down hill braking power & control.

Adaptive Shift Control- allows gear selection to adapt to driver input and driving conditions.

Fuel Economy Management- the Allison transmission adjusts shift patterns to maximize fuel economy, shifting at optimum points in power & torque curves.

The Predator Duramax/Allison conversion we thought looked factory and so did GM and AM General. Truly a job well done and you should all take note of these conversions by Predator Motor Sports if you are a Hummer owner.


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