Prism Microsystems, Inc. Announces EventTracker 5 Performance Improvements, Feature Enhancements

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Prism Microsystems, Inc., a leading systems management solutions provider, announced today the release of EventTracker™ 5. This new release brings many feature enhancements and significant performance improvements in the agent, reporting console, and event manager.

Prism Microsystems, Inc., a leading systems management solutions provider, announced today the release of EventTracker™ 5. This new release brings many feature enhancements and significant performance improvements in the agent, reporting console, and event manager.

"EventTracker 5 represents a year-long research and development process including onsite Professional Services engagements," says Jagat Shah, Vice President of Sales, Prism Microsystems, Inc. "Many of the new features and enhancements originate in both our and customer experiences and improve overall usability. We have listened to specific requests, evaluated support calls, and observed customers' processes then improved the product to meet those needs."

The first thing customers will notice is the updated EventTracker 5 interface. The new GUI provides a consistent interface throughout the consoles with a fresh, easy-to-use look.

Performance Improvements

The reporting engine is optimized to run complex reports much faster, freeing up resources for other tasks.

The Active Directory agent is now multi-threaded and processing speed is improved by up to 10-fold. This level of performance is critical for Windows Server 2003 domain controllers and will soon be critical for Windows Vista.

Improved Reporting

The report console has been revamped with an easy-to-use GUI and quick access tabs to view report status.

A new report template includes an extended summary chapter with overviews of events for specific machines, alert categories, and graphs of events from each system by event type and machine. This extended summary report was designed with compliance audit needs in mind.

The report engine includes a report wizard to quickly design custom reports. These report definitions can be saved as "On Demand" to only be run as needed or "Scheduled" to automatically run at specified intervals.

A new "Cost Savings Analysis" report has been added. This report captures statistics from EventTracker from the installation date and provides a quick ROI report based on savings in person hours as well as money. All variables, including currency, are customizable.

New Database Options

EventTracker 5 includes an embedded database (EventVault®) to decrease total cost of ownership and increase processing speed for event storage, warehousing and reporting. When operating in the new “Performance Mode” the event engine bypasses traditional database storage and sends events directly to EventVault®. This mode offers several advantages viz. faster processing, less disk usage and the database license and admin experience requirements have been eliminated.

EventTracker 5 continues to support Database Mode for event storage in a traditional database such as SQL Server/Oracle/MSDE or MS Access. Events are stored in the database and use EventVault® for long-term event warehousing.

The reporting engine automatically pulls events from the database and/or EventVault® depending on the requirements of the specific report.

Event Category Enhancements

A new top level of event groups has been introduced with EventTracker 5 and includes predefined groups such as Windows, Syslog, Cisco PIX, Snort, Solaris BSM, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Plus create customized groups and group roll-up. This new level of categorization makes events easier to view and report.

Developed for Easy Migration and Installation

EventTracker 5 has been developed and extensively tested to ensure easy migration and is fully backward compatible – for either the event manager, the agent or both. This allows current customers to upgrade on a rolling schedule rather than forcing everything to upgrade all at once. Prism Microsystems is offering migration tools to assist current customers in exporting previous policy definitions for a smooth transition.

For future migrations and/or installations, EventTracker 5 includes an improved Export/Import Utility which allows administrators to save and re-apply policy and report customizations.

Large scale installations are easier with command line support for the agent installer. Now use a batch file and command line parameter rather than the GUI to push out the agent to all clients.

The "GetAllEvt" Utility provides a jump start on archiving and correlating events by pulling existing events into EventTracker.

Additional Enhancements and Improvements

Revamped logfile monitor can now monitor individual files or complete directories of files. Specify a fixed path and fixed file name or a general directory. Set-up the monitor to review logfiles going forward only or apply to all files in the directory to capture historical data.

EventTracker 5 provides the ability to lock the agent configuration so that only designated consoles can implement changes.

Test new rules and policies against archived events by performing event correlation on archived events.

New Event Generator Test Utility allows for simulation of a scenario or performing and evaluation by generating a specified number of events to act at specified intervals.

Enhanced Event Traffic Analyzer tool assists in the creation of initial policy definitions on a category basis.

EventTracker 5 introduces several new maintenance tools including a database compaction tool.


Performance improvements and new feature enhancements make EventTracker 5 a robust complete event log management solution for the entire enterprise. The upgrade is included with current support maintenance plans. For additional information on upgrading or purchasing EventTracker 5, visit or contact 877-333-1433.

About Prism Microsystems, Inc.

Prism Microsystems, Inc. is a developer of enterprise class solutions for Windows Systems and Network Management. Areas of application include fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) solutions for Windows and UNIX networks and SNMP enabled devices. Privately held, Prism Microsystems is based in Columbia, MD, in the Washington, DC metro area.


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